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·²¢2ASSEMBLY '92¢1


²Written by ¢3Reaper¢1/¢2DIGITAL ARTISTS¢1

This is a report of ASSEMBLY '92-party
held on 24th July to 26th July by 
¢2Rebels¢1 &¢2 Complex¢1. The party was for 
C64's and PC's too and also was the
biggest one ever held in Finland.
About 700 freax showed up...

Here starts the story..

I met my friends ¢3Shaddock¢1/¢2DICTATORS¢1 and
¢3Zenox¢1/¢2DAI¢1 at the trainstation. We had
quite lot stuff with us, all the bags,
my tape recorder, one Amiga with all
the expansions... We began the journey
listening to the sound of ¢2SEPULTURA¢1...
Some other freax came to the same train
with us. ¢3Kissarobotti¢1/¢2PARALLAX¢1 and
his pals were already boozing and made
some noise on the train... The journey
went quite fast so nothing special to
say about it. 

We came to the partyplace in time,about
10 o'clock when the doors should have
opened. Bullshit! There were already
lots of freax and we all had to wait an
hour before the doors opened. And then
we had wait another hour to get through
the chaos because they had to take all
the information from everyone... The 
much presented 'Great organization' 
seemed to not be that great...

Well we made our place somewhere
waiting for other ¢2DAI¢1-members to come.
They came by car with some ¢2REFLECT¢1-
guys. It was nice to meet first time
the guys you have been dealing with the
last half year... 

The following hours went along by
inspecting the partyplace and meeting
some friends and contacts. There was
quite a lot people from many different
countries. We built our 'base' in a   
small hall. There was about 20 class-
rooms in use. The main action was in a
big hall (That's where the democompo
was held). Even all the corners and 
passageways were in use...

Crowd started to become more active
and boozing began after some hours.
(Well nothing special about that it 
was friday evening and a party...!) 
Boozing in the school area was not
allowed so we had to go to the edge of
a forest next to the partyplace. There
was several guys boozing. There was 
some organizer-guy wandering around and
collecting 'taxes' of bottles! Well we
hide our bottles when he passed by so
there was no problems of him.There was
also a test in the front of the doors
so you wouldn't go in if you're drunk.
Some of the guys had problems there so
they had to wait outside... I guess
they had nice time...

A small conflict was fought outside
between an ¢2ACCESSION¢1 guy and a ¢2BLACK
ROBES¢1 member. ¢2Accession¢1 guy had some-
thing to say about the color of the
skin. As the ¢2BLACK ROBES¢1 guy is black
there was some misunderstanding...
Later a sign appeared reading:



...and below the sign was a tuft from
the ¢2Black Robes¢1 guy's hair that the 
Accession guy had torn during the

Well the saturday went along by copying
some stuff and trying to get food. Two
things I was missing during the party 
were F.O.O.D. and S.L.E.E.P. But that 
didn't matter that much as the democompo
started... We found our place in the
front and it was worth that! The demo-
compo was ¢;MINDBLASTING¢1 with great demos
¢2PARALLAX¢1. Those were the best of them,
of course there was some others... 
Quite intereseting introcompo and of 
course GFX- and music-compos were shown
before the democompo. There was shown 
a PC-democompo, too.

But... Once again the organizers showed
the might of 'great' organization. We
had to wait about 1,5 hours or more 
before the compo started. And there was
hot as hell in the big hall! You know,
700 people and not a single breath of
wind... Phew!

After the compo lots of guys left with 
hurry. And along them went the thieves.
There were stolen lots of disks and 
other hardware like Hard disks and 
Action Replays during the democompo.
(The people were all watching so no one
was watching over the computers) We
survived with only few bottles of drink
and several disks stolen. Slumlord/DAI
and some others were quite angry of
their disks stolen and wandered around
searching for suspicious looking guys.
None of the disks they found...

Overall the party was quite an 
experience with the great democompo.
But the organization would have been 
better... But it would have been worse
too... It's not so easy to handle 700
people gathered to have fun, is it?

Here are the only results I remember
from the party:


1st place - ¢2REFLECT¢1: '¢3Sound Vision¢1'
2nd place - ¢2COMPLEX¢1: '¢3Delirium¢1'
3rd place - ¢2NIKKI CORRUPTION¢1S: 
                        '¢3Piece of Mind¢1'


1st place - ¢2VECTRA¢1
2nd place - ¢2COMPLEX¢1
3rd place - ¢2VECTRA¢1 (They released two
different intros)

I hope you enjoyed my article.
I'm searching for some new contacts
so my address is found around...