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³¼ASSEMBLY 1992¼³


Well,  Hello  Guys!  This  is Barfly of
Extend giving you a little report  from 
the  party  arranged  by Rebels/Complex
(Mainly+Amiga) /Future  Crew  (PC!) and 
Byterapers/Sharks/Extend  on  C-64. The
party was  held  during the 24-26.07.92 
in Finland... The  party  place  was  a
school, and  it  wasn't too big! Before 
the party it was said  that  th e party
would  be  the  biggest  and  best ever 
arranged in Finland. And the biggest it
was...And why not the best too! Rumours
said  that there was 900 (Nine hundred)
freaks there,  but I can say that there
wasn't  that  much  freaks present. But
anyway, there was  a  hell  of a lot of
freaks there (Means a few girls too!!).
And  a  miracle  happened  there; There
were  hundreds  of  guys  from  outside
Finland.  For  example  from:   Sweden, 
Denmark,  Germany,   France,   Holland,
England, Usa, Italy, Hungary, Australia
and god knows from where else. 
The  usual competitions were also held,
the  Amigademo-competition  was  pretty 
good, the winner was Nikki Corruptions.
Also  Complex,   Soc.Brigade,  Reflect, 
Silents  (Demo didn't work!)  and  many
more  groups  released cool demos..Also
music, graphics  and intro-competitions
were  held,  but  I  didn't  catch  the
results, sorry!
The PC-winner 'Future Crew' showed that
Pc  is  a  demo-machine  too,  and  the
C64-winner 'Dual Crew'  won  with a few
digi-samples!?!?!    Amigadisk-throwing
compo  was,  with  77  metres,  won  by
Electric/Extend!!! Well, I think that's
was all about the competitions..Nothing
amazing  happened  at  the  party, so I
think it is time to  end  this  report!
But  Rebels  and  Complex  are  already
planning  to  arrange  Assembly '93, so 
start to wait for it, because U must be
there... BYE...