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 Party  Report
   ASSEMBLY 1992

We  Deadliners  arrived at the party a
bit  late,  but  not too late to catch
the  action.  This report may be a bit
on  the organizer point of view, since
two  of us Doc.X and I) helped around
a  bit,  but  I'll  try  making  it as
interesting as possible.

The    first   day,   nothing   really
happened.  Everyone was coding, making
music or drawing, preparing themselves
for the next day, the competition day.

The  competitions were really a lot of
fun  to  follow  -  for  example,  the
Realtime  demo competition.  You would
have  to  make  the  best  kind  of  a
production  TOTALLY  from  scratch, in
six  hours.   We gave the participants
all  the  programs and stuff they were
allowed to use - DPaint 3, a cruncher,
an  IFF  converter, AsmOne@1, some other
stuff,   and,   what's  more  (Imagine

(Yes,   the   one   that   came   with
SoundTracker 1.0 a loooooong time ago!

First, all the participants were calm,
started programming and stuff.  But as
the  last few hours approached, people
started  worrying  they  couldn't  get
theirs  ready  in  time!   I  remember
there  were  6  participant groups and
four  got  something  done.  These are
listed  below  -  the  winner  was  an
introdentro      with      code     by
Dweezil/Carillon and with music/gfx by

I  sure  have to say a good word about
Kontra's  (Dweezil & Dean) intro - the
music (and the code too) was very good
given   the  fact  it  was  made  with
ST-01's   samples!    Editing   sounds
really DOES make a difference!  :)

As  normally,  after  no sleep, eating
sugarcubes,   -RAW-  coffee  and  some
caffeinepills,  we  started  looking a
bit  dead.   You could have recognized
me  being the guy carrying a 1.5 litre
Coke  -bottle  in my hands and walking
around  really  like  a  zombie..  "No
sleep"  really  isn't good for anyone.
I'm  glad  THIS  party  wasn't  5 days
long..  :)

This  party was the biggest (in number
of   persons)   party   ever  held  in
Finland.   It  sure  was a lot of fun,
and  my opinion is that this party was
not  only  the  biggest,  but also the
best  party  ever  in  Finland.  There
were   about   (maybe  even  more)  20
foreigners  present,  for example from
France   (Salut   les  deux  que  j'ai
rencontre!),   Switzerland  (Alcatraz)
(!!!!!     NO    ONE   FORM   ALCATRAZ
ONCE!!!!!)   Sweden    (Rebels,   for
example),  Norway,  Germany,  and some
other  countries.   This  was actually
the  first  party in Finland with more
than 6 foreigners..  :----)

Most  of the people had now moved over
to  the gym to watch the competitions.
This party had a Gathering'92 -type of
system   in  deciding  the  winners  -
voting.   In  all  competitions,  some
people chose which demos were to enter
the  compos,  (if  all would have been
able to compete, the party would still
go  on..   :-)  and  those  were  then
showed  to  the  audience,  they would
vote  for  the  one they like the most
and  the  winners  would be decided on
these grounds.

The  videoprojector,  used  in showing
the  competitions, didn't have a Scart
-input,  and  fixing  the proper wires
sure took it's time.

The  gym hall was VERY hot (it was the
hottest  day  of  the  year),  and  we
Deadliners   sat   RIGHT   behind  the
videoprojector, which was blowing even
hotter  air  towards  us.  We all were
covered   with   sweat,  and  you  can
imagine  the  smell.  The whole school
actually  smelled  bad,  which was the
only thing I find bad about the party.

Finally,    the    projector   started
working,  and  JHL/TRSI  showed one of
his  intros on the big screen.  Still,
some things were to be adjusted in the
projector.   After  listening  to  the
introtune  about  5 minutes, while the
projector   was   being  adjusted  and
people were starting to get bored, the
crowd  started  clapping to the rhytm!
It  was  a  heck of an experience when
about  600 people were all clapping to
an   Amiga  tune!   Not  exactly  your
everyday experience, is it?  :)

I  think the main reason for the party
to  be a success was that drunk people
were not let in.  Many parties before,
atleast  in  Finland, have been pretty
bad because of the drunk people inside
the building(s).

To  my surprise, (this is what I know)
nothing  was stolen from anyone at the
party.  Someone took a guy's computer,
but  due  to  a  special reason ( :--)
'somehow' they got it back..

That  wraps  this  modest  report, I'm
sure  that  when I upload this file to
the Alcatraz guys, I remember loads of
other  things,  but  who cares.  These
were  atleast  some great moments of a
party of a lifetime!

Mellow-D / Deadline

Here's  the  results  of  most  of the
competitions that were held, check out
the   77   METER   WORLD   RECORD   in
disk-throwing by a C-64 guy!!


1.  Reflect
2.  Complex
3.  Nikki Corruptions

1.  Vectra
2.  Wizzcat
3.  Vectra 

1.  Iridon/Shining
2.  Dean/Cyberiad
3.  Zei/Accession
Music, sorry for no handles.

1.  ? / Shining 
2.  ? / Black Robes
3.  Stargazer / Sonic
Realtime democompo

1.  Dweezil/Dean
2.  Alcatraz (NOT POSSIBLE)
3.  Black Robes
Diskthrowing compo

1.  77 meters by Extend (C64) !!!!