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@T,1,fff,ddf,A @1@4   Anarchy Party
    @6@2R e p o r t
@T,0,aad,ccf,0 @2@5

   Date  : @4@14 April 1992
   @5@2Place : @4@1Royston Civic Centre

Well  I  suppose  I  will start at the
beginning  of the day which would have
been   about   @2nine   o'clock@1  on  the
saturday  morning.  I was the first to
arrive  so  I  got  the  pick  of  the

The  @2civic centre@1 wasn't as impressive
as  it  sounds and it was alot smaller
as  well.   By  about  @2ten o'clock@1 the
place was starting to fill up and even
at this early stage there seemed to be
a  @2lack  of  power  points@1,  and  even
though  I'd been there an hour I still
hadn't got any @2new releases@1.

The  first bad point of the day reared
its ugly head by about eleven o'clock,
yes!!   The  hall  was  full  and @2late
comers@1 had to set up in a @2local school@1
about  three  @2hundred  metres@1 from the
@2main hall@1.  This did get a bit tedious
a little later in the day with all the
walking  that  had to be done, just to
get  some  @2new  software@1 and to go and
meet  all my @2contacts@1 (which is what a
party is all about).

@2Demos@1 and loads of @2music disks@1 started
to   appear   on   lots  of  different
monitors,  the  fun  had begun.  @2XCopy@1
was  also on alot of screens as people
busily  copied  all these steaming @2hot
new releases@1.

@2Pizza time@1 at about @2three o'clock@1, but
the  food  never  appeared  till after
@2five@1,   which  was  annoying  (because
myself and alot of other people were a
might   peckish)   but  understandable
(being  a chef myself I appreciate all
the  hard  work the pizza parlour must
have put in).  Oh well disk after disk
after  disk  was slammed in and out of
my  disk drive relentless @2'boing'@1 from
XCopy.   It  was  all getting a little
tedious  so I left it to another group
member to do.

@2Eight  o'clock@1 soon came around and it
was    time    for   the   @2alternative
competition@1.     @2Nine   victims@1   were
selected  from  the crowd to take part
in   a  competition  that  could  only
compare  to  @2'endurance'@1 (remember the
program that used to be on clive james
from  japan  real  sick!!) the victims
were  first  told  to  @2drink@1 a pint of
@2cold   baked   beans@1   as   quick   as
After this round was the grand finale,
@2six  extra  strong mints@1 and a pint of
@2ice  cold  water@1,  the mints had to be
sucked  for  at  least  one and a half
minutes  (real  painfull  on  your old
throat).   Then  came  the competition

@T,0,caa,dcc,0 @3@5
Demo Competition

@21. Anarchy:  @1Krest Mass Leftovers

@22. Digital:  @1Trash

@23. Anarchy:  @1Legalise It

@3@5Music Competition

1. @1Gamma - Dual Crew

@3@5Graphics competition

1. @1Fast Eddie - Anthrox

@2Seventeen   Bit   software@1   had  been
invited  by  Anarchy to judge the demo
competition  and  into the bargain got
@2exclusive   rights@1   over   all  demos
entered and it was they who put up the
@2150   pound @1  first  prize  which  was
greatfully  received  by @2Critical Mass
of Anarchy@1.

@2Krest  of Anarchy@1 judged @2Fast Eddie of
Anthrox@1 to have entered the best piece
of  pixelling  on the day but he (Fast
Eddie)   was  a  bit  annoyed  at  not
getting   any   prize   money  because
someone  thieving  little  cretin  was
supposed  to have @2stolen a printer@1 and
the  money I think was used to replace
that  piece  of hardware even though I
heard  a rumour (and that is all it is
I    hope)   that   Anarchy   made   a
@2substancial  profit@1,  so if it is true
why wasn't that money used?

@2Gamma  of Dual Crew@1 was judged to have
composed  the  best  piece of music on
the day by @2Nuke of Anarchy@1.  After all
the  prizes  were  given out the party
seemed  to  be just about over as alot
of  people  started to leave including
me,  so  I don`t really know what went
on after that probably not alot I just
haven`t got a clue.

So  on  reflection  the  people at the
party made the party what it was, with
one little theif as the exception, and
alot  of  @2quality@1  was  released  that
shows the @2U.K.  scene@1 can keep up with
the @2top european groups@1 which can only
be  good  for  all of us.  But for the
fact  that  for part of the day it was
held in @2two seperate buildings@1 and the
cock up with @2prize money@1 the party was
a  success,  but  I would just like to
add  one  thing to whoever is thinking
of organizing the next @2U.K.  party@1...

...  get a @2personnal address@1 system it
will  make  life easier for yourselves
and  also  for  every on eat the party
(so we can all here what is being said
to us).