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Hello !

Here is Agnus of Flashing Bytes Germany and I got this crazy
Magazine on the 'Maximum Pleasure' Party, which was held on
May 18th 1991 ...


   Party Report : Maximum Pleasure Party (May 18th 1991)


The  Maximum Pleasure Party  was  organized by  Tristar,  Red
Sector,  Vogue and Supplex,  and also a group  from the  C-64
(Crest)  was under the organizers,  but as  I've not seen any
C-64 I can't understand why Crest has done this ...

We were three  Flashing Bytes members there,  two came with a
car and the third one by train ! The invitation for the party
was totally lame  because we all thought the party  whould be
in the Luxembourg City but it was 50 kilometers away from the
City ...  the party began at 1 pm  but we arrived at 4 pm coz
it was a really lame invi and we haven't found the partyplace
(by the way Storm of Energy was our driver, he he !) ...

                                                              CONTINUE --->

When we arrived there were about  250 freaks and  we saw some
of our friends from Panic, Action, Coma, Treacl ...

Later on,  Mr. Base from Flashing Bytes  turned the  computer
and he started coding while I talked to some friends ...

The Music Competition was at 6 pm but there were only  5 guys
who made the jury and so the musics were  rated only  by such
a lame account ...  and as there were also some  TRSI members
who  were in the jury the  music from TRSI won ...  great !!!

I don't know who  finally were the other one's  because  it's
not important,  I think the sound  TRSI made was not worth to
win and it was not a real competition ...

The sounds were not played fully but only 1/5 of the patterns
were played and then the sound was stopped ...

At 8 pm  there was the demo competition  but  not much  demos
were shown ...

- The Special Brothers Luxembourg
- Brainstorm
- Hawai Brothers
- Iris
- Frantic

and  a demo made  with  the  Red Sector  demomaker  which was
kicked out !  Also JPN (ex-DISC-editor)  sent his game called
asteroids in the competition but the jury dropped it also ...

                                                                CONTINUE -->

The demos from  Brainstorm,  Hawai Brothers and  Iris  didn't
work and so they couldn't be rated.

The special feature of the party was a live strip !
That girl was really pretty,  if you want some photos drop me
a message ...  the girl came twice,  one time before and  the
second time after the demo competition ...

Normally  the party should have been on two days  (May 18-19)
but the organizers had to close the hall at 3 am on  May 19th
so we left the party at 2 am ...

Finally  the party wasn't  bad at all ...  there were  not so
much releases as  on other parties and also  the competitions
were not well organized but we met some cool guys and friends
and we spread our info-paper about 'Trader' !

Some features  which were printed on the invitation  were not
shown !  There was no US Modem Import and no Live Cracks were
shown !

I hope you got the most important facts from that party ....

                                  Agnus / Flashing Bytes WHQ