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 A short survey of this great event was brought to all of you who didn't show up here by MR.PINGE from TRIAD.

 Yes, the party started on the 18th of Dec, and we were expecting a lot of people but unfortunately everyone didn't show up.'cause many didn't have the money to travel the long way to Sweden. Maybe the party was arranged at the wrong time, near Christmas, and a lot of other parties around.

 Well, anyway, there were about 180 guys at the party but there were a lot of Swedish lamers too. Here are some of the groups that attended the party:

 TRIANGLE (the cool demomakers from Denmark), THE PAPILLONS (the fast crackers, also from Denmark), ZETREX (ex-WIZAX), 2000 AD (another cool Danish group), DOMINATORS (also from Denmark), PUREBYTE (the old legend from Finland), THE SHADOWS (Norway) and some more groups, plus a lot of Swedish groups, and of course TRIAD and FAIRLIGHT!!!!!!

 You see, not so many famous groups, but we had a real fun time anyway. The party was held in a big school in Huddinge, near Stockholm. TRIANGLE should have released their demo-competition-disk at the party, but everything wasn't finished, soI hope they will release it very soon. Triad has also made a part for that competition, so watch out!

 A lot of people were busy cracking a lot of games at the party, and we, TRIAD and FAIRLIGHT, had as usual a real competition about who cracked the fastest. Some groups also made some demos there, and some of us watched movies as well. We and FAIRLIGHT even transferred some cracks to the USA by modem using the school's telephone lines! As you notice, we had a real nice time there. A problem for me was that I left the party one day before the party ended, 'coz the people I was travelling with needed to go back home, so I can't tell you about the last day of the party. But I am sure that it was a cool day too!

 So to all of you who didn't show up: DON'T MISS A PARTY FROM TRIAD AND FAIRLIGHT AGAIN, 'coz there is always something cool happening there! Bye, and thanx for reading this article! Signed /MR.PINGE of TRIAD