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         .                              .
    .----+-- - ______________________ - +-----.
    | .rb!   _/   _   \_    _   \_   \_ !002. |
    `-+   ___\____/    / X  /    /    / .   +-'
         .\     _     /    /    /    /_____ :
      .   /     /    /    /    /    /     _\
      :  /  X  /    /    /    /    /  X  /
       _/      _____    ______\____      \_ .
    ***\______/***/    /***********\______/***
      .           \____\                .
                .             .       .
      ... .  . .:.. .... ...  :  ... .:.. ...
     :..: :..:  :   :..: :..: : :..:  :   :...

APL002 >> Andrey Kirichenko - 00.00 (a suite of the midnight)
       11 tracks :: 51min 49sec :: 72.97 MB

Resembling an insect zoo of skittering electronic 
tones and textures, one is advised to be on guard 
as they envelope three-dimensional space via 
binaural injection.

This electronically-multicolored sinus zoo, 
consisting of sticky circuits, misplaced clicks, 
and sutured noise fragments provide rhythmic and 
textural counterpoint to the subtle atmospheres 
and moods generated from grain clouds set aloft 
by Andrey's unique genius.

Kirichenko composes music without clear rules and 
definable borders. His pieces are allowed to breathe: 
exhaling and inhaling like a living organism whose 
pulse is framed by the soft murmur of the kick drum.

The marriage of organic with artificial, floating 
atmospherics with particle funk, and themes of humanity 
versus the machine are filtered through the unique and 
singular perspective that could only be Andrey Kirichenko.

- Ryan Heard & Sebastian Redenz

The Interview

Read the interview with Andrey about the album production, 
his pioneer status in the ukrainian electronic music 
scene and his future plans and appearances.

SR: What does the tracktitling reflect?

The tracks stand for the different time zones of the night, 
What's reflected in your eyes, what one is thinking about 
while unable to sleep at night ...when having insomnia, or 
just going outside to see the stars, smoking a cigarette, 
drinking wine.

SR: So the theme of this album reflects the passing-by of 
a night ... were most tracks created during the night?

Yes, all tracks were created about midnights. I've got a 
little son, who uses to screw up my computer and my 
headphones, so i prefer doing music when he's in bed, 

SR: What is your current day-job - does your daily work 
inspire you for making music during midnight?

I'm working as a webmaster these days, and this job doesn't 
really inspire Me. Though one year ago, when i worked as a 
scientist on artificial intelligence, it was much more 
inspiring for me. At those time i created the 
"4E4558.424F54" album for my Nihil Est eXcellence project.

SR: Which musicians do influence you - can you describe the 
"Kirichenko landscape" ?

While writing this album I was very influenced by 3epkalo - 
a project by Kevin Bolster, an ep and a full length by this 
project will be released on Scape this year. His sound 
insprired me a lot.

Another artist with a very unique sound is Uwe Schmidt - I'm 
a big fan of his Atom Heart project and his present Geez'n'Gosh 
works. And of course my comrade - Andreas Tilliander.

SR: You're a musician of the hardly-recognised country (in 
electronic music case) Ukraine -- do you plan to stay there, 
is it a very inspiring country? How does the electronic music 
scene look there?

Frankly speaking, I'd be very glad to move to central europe, 
'cause nobody here Is really interested in this kind of music. 
Pop music is everywhere here, except few exclusions, the 
maximum are breakbeat, house or drum and bass ... probably, 
it's a temporal state of ukrainian music scene, I hope there 
will be a lot of new developments this or next year, and it 
seems like I need to get things better with help of my 
Nexsound label, gaining more attention to the ukrainian 
"underground" scene.

Knowing i'm doing the right thing inspires keeps my going my way.

SR: Can you tell me about your other projects?

Except on my own name I'm doing music as 'Nihil Est eXcellence'. 
It's musique concrete / drone / experimental music and under 
'Sidhartha' I do idm / ambient stuff.

SR: What are your future plans?

In the making are collaborations with Francisco Lopez, Kim 
Cascone, Kotra, Jonas Lidgren and the Moglass. A full length 
on DTA records in autumn 2002 and A new 3" cd on Soul Worm 
Editions this summer of 'Nihil est eXcellence'.

Probably some techno stuff somewhere, contributions to microsound 
projects (John Watermann remix project, BufferFuct, etc.) and two 
compilation appearances under own name, and of course to find 
online or offline labels to release a lot of my other 
unreleased stuff :)

01  Polnoch	4:37\06.50MB
02  Rassvet	8:02\11.30MB
03  Sumerki	3:11\04.47MB
04  Svetaet	2:53\04.06MB
05  Zakat	7:30\10.50MB
06  Noch	2:14\03.15MB
07  Put'	7:01\09.88MB
08  Svetlo	6:39\09.37MB
09  Temno	7:00\09.84MB
10  Vremya	1:08\01.66MB
11  Zvezdy	1:35\02.24MB


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