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        '                                                   .
        :                                                   '    © rB/rMRS81!
        :                 arrial - for the love 	    : °·<'))><
 ____ ` '.'   ____      ____     ____       ____   ____   '.' `   ____
 \   \__._____|   |_____\   \____\   \_____ |   |  \   \____._____\   \_____
 _\__    \    |   ___   ____/ _   \_    _  \|_  |  _\__     ___   ____/ _   \
 \    _   |   |   | |   | |   |   | |   | %  /  |__\    _   | |   | |   \____\_
  |   |   |   |   | | » | |   |   | |   |   /   |   \   | » | |   | |   |     /
  |  _|   |   '   | |   | |   |   | |   ___/|   |\   \ _|   | |   | |   | %  /
  \__\ %  |\______/ |   |_ \_____/ _|   |   |________/_\    | |   |_\_______/
 . .. \___| . .... . \___/ ... ... \___/ ... ....... .. \___|. \___/ .... .. .  

	      ... .  . .:.. .... ...  :  ... .:.. ...
	     :..: :..:  :   :..: :..: : :..:  :   :...
	  [26.06.2006 | HAMMOCK MUSIC]

Arrial made his debut appearance on Autoplate in November 2004 with the 
beautiful and introspective EP "This is My Beauty, Show Me Yours" [APL026]. 
Now, slightly over one-and-a-half years later, he once again blesses us with a 
magical blend of classical style guitar, meticulously plucked notes, 
programmed beats, and subtle electronics in his full length release "For the 
Love" consisting of nine reflective tracks. These nine compositions are emotive 
and their melodies carry feelings of nostalgia, guilt, regret, love, loss, hurt, 
and longing. The ever so delicate electronics are pleasant and add an additional 
texture of expression in between the filigrane and detailed guitar picking. The 
title has a twofold meaning: First, it's a message to his newborn son: most of 
the tracks were written in anticipation of his birth. Secondly, it's directed 
towards the "amateur" (in any endeavor) - that person who does something for 
the love of it without the expectation of payment. Among his sources of 
inspiration, Arrial identifies Leonard Cohen, the classical guitarist 
Francisco Tarrega, and the UK-based electronic music artist, DJ, and record 
producer Chicane as being especially significant. A few words follow about 
each of these tracks.

"Tomorrow I Start My Homework" is a reluctant opener, yet full of intense 
Emotions, that carries with it that slight pang of guilt one gets when he 
should have been doing one thing out of necessity but instead was doing 
something else for purely selfish reasons. It glides into the second song 
"I Predict a Quiet", a variation inspired by a popular song by a highly 
regarded English Rock/Pop band from Leeds known as the "Kaiser Chiefs". 
Arrial's version can be interpreted as his point of view of their signature 
hit "I Predict a Riot" which was a song about weekend violence in a British 
town. Arrial's first-hand experience of that kind of violence in his own home 
town makes his version of the song especially poignant. The minimalist 
electronic percussion focuses attention on the careful guitar melodies that 
add an introverted tension to the song. "Around" is a self-descriptive piece 
based on a catchy circular guitar riff. Orbiting around this riff are layers 
of beautiful melodies, programmed percussion, and lightly distorted textures 
of electronics. On to "Scribble", a brief, playful interlude with a bluesy 
feel. As Arrial describes it - "a short scribble thrown together to break 
things up and be a bit light-hearted." 

The mid part of the album is built upon "Marpaksses" and "Bitch, Where's The 
Guns?" Marpaksses, which translates roughly from Greek into "you grabbed me", 
reflects the energy and emotion felt while pursuing someone you desire. A 
never ending circular game of desire and pursuit, musically transposed with 
alternating tempi, followed by the calm of capture or as Arrial succinctly puts 
it - "post-coital cigarette." The inspiration for "Bitch, Where's The Guns?" 
came from an article by a reporter traveling with an Army unit in Iraq in 
2004. Before searching a house, American soldiers were supposed to deliver 
the following message: 'We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but we must 
search your house to make sure you are safe from anti-Iraqi forces.'However, 
the real scenario was more like this: 'After kicking in the door of a randomly 
selected house, a startled woman hears a soldier scream in English, "Where's 
your black mask?" and "Bitch, where's the guns?"' This song stands out within 
the album context as a barely suppressed uproar whose protest-expressions are 
made audible by a fast tempo, low-key chords and moving melodies.

The later part of the album is formed by "No Good (start the chill)"; Arrial's 
take on a classic mid-1990's Prodigy song. He loved the "power, darkness, and 
exultation" of the song and wanted to do a "more Arrial-style chilled version 
of it." "Terminal 4" is a tribute to London Heathrow Airport whose Terminal 4 
is used for most long-haul flights. For Arrial, it's a symbol of escape and 
refuge "to warm beaches on distant shores." The foundation of the song is based 
on a riff like the one used on the track "Mar, Revistar" from his previous 
Autoplate release. "Farewell Again" is an emotionally distressing finale of loss 
and renewal - "it is about losing someone that you care for very much, and have 
lost (and won back again) many times in the past." To quote L. Annie Foerster: 
"As far as our love flows; as far as our hope grows". The message becomes clear. 

/Larry Johnson

:: 09 tracks :: 38min 06sec :: 53.708 MB ::

01: Arrial - Tomorrow I Start My Homework
02: Arrial - I Predict A Quiet (Spanish Dub)
03: Arrial - Around
04: Arrial - Scribble
05: Arrial - Marpaksses
06: Arrial - Bitch Where's The Guns
07: Arrial - No Good (Start The Chill)
08: Arrial - Terminal 4
09: Arrial - Farewell Again



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APL031 Lou Teti - "Night Pieces"
APL032 you dee - "Nur die Harten kommen in den Garten"
APL033 Off the Sky - "Caustic Light"
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APL035 Move D - "Johanniskirche Live"
APL036 Emil Klotzsch - "Tiefe Berge"
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APL038 Arrial - "For The Love"


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