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        '                                                   .
        :                                                   '    © rB/rMRS81!
        :  move d - 10/11 - live at johanneskirche [apl035] : °·<'))><
 ____ ` '.'   ____      ____     ____       ____   ____   '.' `   ____
 \   \__._____|   |_____\   \____\   \_____ |   |  \   \____._____\   \_____
 _\__    \    |   ___   ____/ _   \_    _  \|_  |  _\__     ___   ____/ _   \
 \    _   |   |   | |   | |   |   | |   | %  /  |__\    _   | |   | |   \____\_
  |   |   |   |   | | » | |   |   | |   |   /   |   \   | » | |   | |   |     /
  |  _|   |   '   | |   | |   |   | |   ___/|   |\   \ _|   | |   | |   | %  /
  \__\ %  |\______/ |   |_ \_____/ _|   |   |________/_\    | |   |_\_______/
 . .. \___| . .... . \___/ ... ... \___/ ... ....... .. \___|. \___/ .... .. .  

	      ... .  . .:.. .... ...  :  ... .:.. ...
	     :..: :..:  :   :..: :..: : :..:  :   :...

Autoplate welcomes 2006 with a release by Move D, head and owner of Source 
Records from Heidelberg, Germany.

To most listeners of advanced electronic music Move D might not be an unknown 
name at all, as he is producing and releasing for about 15 years. David grew 
up listening to Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk and quickly developed a special taste 
for music. However, it wasn't until 1989 that he discovered techno when a 
friend of his, D-Man, invited him to a club he was running in the industrial 
suburb of Mannheim. When Moufang walked into the Milk Club that night - like so 
many others before and after him - he discovered a scene that changed his life. 
Shortly thereafter, Moufang became a committed clubber.

Moufang's first records were made with Jonas Grossmann as Deep Space Network. 
Their first two albums, EARTH TO INFINITY (1992) and BIG ROOMS (1993) suggested 
a significant, unpredictable and innovative talent which was confirmed by the 
release of HOMEWORKS (1993), a Source Records compilation that included solo 
tracks such as "Pulsar" and "I've Been On Drugs" alongside collaborations with 

Ranging from subtle, Detroit-inflected grooves to wired electronic jazz, 
Moufang's music seemed to operate on ambience, slow motion and subdued rhythm, 
a sound that was rooted, as Tony Marcus later pointed out, "in the jazzy, 
laid-back but still hip-tugging tradition of Larry Heard, Carl Craig's 
"Microlovr" or "The Wonders Of Wishing" and New York's Burrell Brothers... 
listening to [Moufang's records] is like a sweet and lazy adventure into sound, 
a space where time and stress are suspended."

Move D's debut album, KUNSTSTOFF (1995), was equally remarkable. Tracks such as 
"Soap Bubbles" and "In/Out" oscillated between soft, dreamlike textures and the 
spiked electronics that Detroit was beginning to explore. The glittering 
production surfaces were a legacy of Moufang's days as a student at the School 
of Audio Engineering in Frankfurt, but the music they encompassed was equally 
compelling. It was an album full of contrasts - between the jagged drugfloor 
grooves of, say, "Nimm 2" and the gentle, synthetic lullaby of "Beyond The 
Machine" or between the pristine sounds Moufang conjured with and the haloes of 
analogue noise which surrounded others. Amazingly pretty and wildly innovative, 
KUNSTSTOFF remains one of the most accomplished techno albums to emerge from 
Europe so far.

The collaborative ventures that followed - including EXPLORING THE PSYCHEDELIC 
LANDSCAPE (1996) and A DAY IN THE LIVE (1997) with Pete Namlook - preceded an 
experimental single for Sheffield's WARP RECORDS label. Moufang had been a big 
fan of the label's "bleep techno" output in the early '90s and "Cymbelin" was, 
in some ways, a homage to that sound, twisting beats and synths into a bass 
heavy groove. But the producer's ability to soften almost any structure with 
aching prettiness transformed the record into a unique fusion.

Another unique fusion was suggested by the release of CONJOINT (1997). A 
collaboration between Moufang, jazz veteran Karl Berger, Jamie Hodge (of Born 
Under A Rhyming Planet) and Gunter "Ruit" Kraus, it was Moufang's most overtly 
jazzed outing so far, but provided spectacular evidence of his growing abilities 
as a producer and composer.

Since then Move D continued to have numerous releases, contributions and remixes 
on labels ranging from Compost Records, Plug Research, Fax +49-69/450464, City 
Slang, F-Communications, Traum to name a few.

Recorded live in a unique environment"Johanniskirche" Church in Düsseldorf, the 
first liveset release by Move D is a pulsating, thrilling and comfortable 
intersection between Funk, Ambient and carefully crafted Minimalism. Wondering 
why its going out on Autoplate and not on Thinner ? ... point is the setlist 
makes use of consequent stylistic drifts between downbeat-/ ambient spheres and 
soft clicky 4/4 house beats, the ensuing atmosphere makes this release a perfect 
reference for joyful experiments within relaxed listening, one of the most 
identifiable characteristics of Autoplate.

Move D elegantly fills the room with his unfettered take on modern lounge music 
elegantly and serenely circumnavigating any prevalent beats, sub-scenes and trends, 
meanwhile his soft trademark sound is omnipresent. The tracks elegantly build 
with elements and structures fading in smoothly and careful detail is given to 
the usage of silence in between the tracks.

Emotion is transferred into completely new environments and works as a starting 
point for the different scenes,a touchstone, an always returning reference, the 
base for modern, experimental lullabies, guided by a love for reduced 
architectured warmth, full of digital static. These sounds preserve a certain 
organic natural touch at any given time, which is no surprise as Moufangs home 
studio is fully equipped with hardware synthesizers, next to modern software tools.

"10/11 - Live at Johanneskirche" is an impressive musical documentation of an 
exploration inside sonic spectrums, a reduction of elements with a consequent 
glance at key structures such as electronic funk and dubby grooves.

The optional cdr version that is available at a reasonable price comes with no 
annoying gaps in between the tracks. As opposed to the mp3 release, besides, the 
cdr version is equipped with the uncompressed audio master file without the 
artefacts caused by the mp3 encoding.

(credits for the Biographical part to Tim Barr, thanks for the proof reading to 
Frank Pyne).

:: 14 tracks :: 78min 51sec :: 111.082 MB ::

01: Move D - Mayfirst
02: Move D - Zone Red
03: Move D - Zug
04: Move D - Evil
05: Move D - Just Do It
06: Move D - Twin Towers
07: Move D - Baked Bread
08: Move D - Emotionally Yours
09: Move D - Jo Interlude
10: Move D - FM Heaven
11: Move D - Stringent
12: Move D - DeeDee Darko
13: Move D - Raise This Flap
14: Move D - Code 69



APL001 VA - "Bauhaus"
APL002 Andrey Kirichenko - "00.00"
APL003 Danny Kreutzfeldt - "Furtherspace"
APL004 833-45 - "Solar Cycle"
APL005 Affective Disorder w/ Undacova - "Study Of A Ladybug On A Rope"
APL006 VA - "Constructions for Andrey Kirichenko"
APL007 Taavi Tulev - "Televiisor On Tuksis"
APL008 Vultrapia - "Autopianotationalismasoschism"
APL009 Dighom - "Vibrating Colours - Coloured Vibrations"
APL010 Sable - "Dusk"
APL011 Randomajestiq - "UnclassifiEP"
APL012 Gultskra Artikler - "Gruppa Turistov"
APL013 The Moglass w/ Andrey Kirichenko
APL014 Off The Sky - "Studies of Lifeform In Transit"
APL015 Johan Wieslander - "Gas"
APL016 Fernando Lagreca - "Suave"
APL017 Marsen Jules - "Lazy Sunday Funerals"
APL018 tlon - "acoustic lazy dolls"
APL019 Gultskra Artikler - "Gololed"
APL020 VA - "Many Things Worth Living For"
APL021 Konrad Bayer - "Shall We Go To The Park?"
APL022 Normal Music - "Let's Do Really Strange Things And Call Them Normal"
APL023 Marsen Jules - "Yara"
APL024 Konrad Bayer - "Songs For Sunhi (Summerrain)"
APL025 Kenneth Kirschner - "May 3, 1997"
APL026 Arrial - "this is my beauty, show me yours"
APL027 color by numbers - "The Transitions"
APL028 lomov - "Holzwege"
APL029 Fernando Lagreca - "Nadador"
APL030 tlon - "from elsewhere to nowhere"
APL031 Lou Teti - "Night Pieces"
APL032 you dee - "Nur die Harten kommen in den Garten"
APL033 Off the Sky - "Caustic Light"
APL034 Motionfield - "Music for Pictures"
APL035 Move D - "Johanniskirche Live"


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