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         .                              .
    .----+-- - ______________________ - +-----.
    | .rb!   _/   _   \_    _   \_   \_ !008. |
    `-+   ___\____/    / X  /    /    / .   +-'
         .\     _     /    /    /    /_____ :
      .   /     /    /    /    /    /     _\
      :  /  X  /    /    /    /    /  X  /
       _/      _____    ______\____      \_ .
    ***\______/***/    /***********\______/***
      .           \____\                .
                .             .       .
      ... .  . .:.. .... ...  :  ... .:.. ...
     :..: :..:  :   :..: :..: : :..:  :   :...

APL008 >> Vultrapia - Autopianotationalismasoschism
       6 tracks :: 27min 29sec :: 39.65 MB

Vultrapia is one of the projects the american 
Jeff Surak is working under, together with the 
Puerto Rican based Jorge Castro and the russian 
Yann. His project "Vultrapia" stands for large 
sonic headrooms and released an EP on Fukkgod, 
the netlabel maintained by Thomas Ekelund, and 
was high acclaimed. So it was no question Autoplate 
requested an EP, here we go with the first release 
in 2003.

Jeff: "Since Vultrapia is made up of several 
different individuals, I can only speak for myself. 
But since I was the "air traffic controller" for 
this release I can speak with more authority in 
regards to the work. For this release it was 
difficult to get all members to work on it due to 
time and space considerations. Most of the tracks 
were assembled by myself, and the rest by Jorge. 
All of the sonic material was pretty much done 
equally between myself, Yann and Jorge. But the 
assembly was up to me and Jorge. All in all it was 
a difficult album to complete. Unlike the first 
Vultrapia ep, when everyone was in the same room at 
the same time and we had a deadline imposed upon us. 
A much easier way to work, when it is all live."

Sebastian: "I think you work pretty much with long 
evolving crisp pads and leads, seems like you dont 
search the devil in details, which is nothing bad."

Jeff: "I think that is more due to time and space 
limitations. Drones are easy to execute, and easy to 
exchange small files over poor dialup connections. 
Nothing at all bad in drone music. It is just more 
expedient than tightly composed works."

Sebastian: "Can you explain the intention behind 
the song titles?"

Jeff: "The track scali means cliffs in russian. The 
rest of the titles are related to Puerto Rico, where 
Jorge Castro lives. The album title itself is a run-on 
stream of thought...sort of reflecting the nature of 
a group that lives in several different countries at 
the same time. One sound leads to another..."

Sebastian: "Since the Vultrapia ensemble is located 
across different continents, how can one understand 
the working method you guys share ... is it like 
sending samples in icq, or more like complete songs 
which get reworked by everyone a bit?"

Jeff: "Each track was different. For this album i 
collected most of the material from the members and 
for others i gave material to Jorge which he worked on 
and sent back to me and then i would continue working 
on them. Totally different from the first ep on which was live in Zan Hoffman's studio."

Sebastian: "The fist track "Scali" with those harsh 
triggered heavy sounds in the beginning and this vast 
soundscapes later evolving and the grainmanipulated 
guitar strings ... I could imagine you're trying to 
describe a landscape far off civilization with yet 
untouched nature, needle woods ...."

Jeff: "Yes that is a good description of it. Since the 
title means cliffs, such a landscape is appropriate to 
the nature of the track."

Sebastian: "Playa Resaca" - The tracktitle associates 
something hispanice, again i get the imagine of 
landscapes, a mexican desert at midday, very hot and 
dry, fata mogana .... short cut but pleasing, as the 
sounds are kinda warm. "X-Ophilia" beginning calm, 
later on develops to a clickish track with fine 
modulated, yet highly frequenced sounds ... science 
fiction? "Patillas Sandwhich" is a seamless floating 
scape ... On "Arecibo Radio" one figures first attempts 
with drawing a mysterious melody ... later on drone 
analogue modulations, again very metallic and crisp, 
equal to "El Yunque" ...

Jeff: "The listener is free to assign whatever connection 
that they choose to impose. Vultrapia is not a 100% 
digital music group. Even most of the sonic material that 
is manipulated using computers comes from outside the 
computer: guitars, voices, etc. My contributions are 
mostly made outside of the computer and are not 
manipulated digitally: they are just mixed in on the 
computer with the rest of the sonic material. So alot 
of the drone and stuttering sounds are actually acoustic 
instruments processed with regular signal processors."

01  Scali		5:46\08.30MB
02  Playa Resaca	2:18\03.31MB
03  X-Ophilia		4:58\07.17MB
04  Patillas Sandwhich	2:42\03.91MB
05  Arecibo Radio	8:18\11.95MB
06  El Yunque		3:28\05.00MB


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AUTOPLATE is the THINNER playground for headphone 
experiments. All songs are exclusively AUTOPLATE material.
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