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moonboots - elfin princess
1. il fiore (2:21)
2. microcosmic (2:52)
3. in this room (2:34)
4. astronaut at sea (4:58)
5. he hates me, she hates me (3:11)
6. the fish said hello (2:43)
7. no response, shoo fly (3:45)
8. bony legs that talk (2:53)
9. last day of may (4:43)
10. i feel (3:50)
11. elfin princess (0:51)
12. christopher robin (3:48)
13. fireflies (4:48)

Their real names: we have been: dustin fehr (the late cookie), monica holt burby (sailing in matrimony these days, with a baby on the way), jonathan gillette (the ?child?), kylie gillette (his muse), and a host of friends and contributers, namely: corey ?cosmos? cunningh
who they are : i (dustin) am a recently married, long suffering student (perhaps if i completed some courses) and contact lens manufacturer (day job). the only things i can take credit for are having felt reflective, having been bored, and having desired company. monica is a newly landed (home owning) art historian and photographer. she keeps a non-art related company together for money. jonathan is ?a computer progg'er and aspiring author with no true achievements under his belt.? he lies about some part of that; i forget which. kylie is jonathan?s wife, an unemployed graphic designer, and author of, by my standards, an enviable blog: ( ).
where they live:
we live in salt lake city, utah, nestled against the rocky mountains and surrounded by desert. oh yeah, and there?s a big dead salt lake (the shrunken remains of a once ~~vast~~ lake bonniville. 

contact :
website : ate our lone website, but our morphed evil-twin phoenix lives here: