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SUAL024a - philip madness - cicadas -

Andrew Lyons, a long time Soulseek Records contributor, brings to us his debut 
SUAL release. Normally recording as Automated Reason(soulseekrecords, idtv) 
and Brotherhood of the Drill(binkcrsh), this piece presents us with his new 
moniker (Philip Madness) and is quite different from his previous works. The 
listener would have trouble identifying these songs as being made by the same 
producer in the same decade, which shows pmad's versatility. Nonetheless, it 
fits comfortably into the ambient genre resembling the likes of Biosphere and 
Stars of the Lid. Soft field recordings crescendo into spirals of musical 
soundscapes that send the listener into a trance, while keeping you focused 
on the next transition. Faintly heard feedback and guitar experimentation adds 
to the experience as if part of nature. The composition of the album slowly 
meanders into its many elements and meshes them together with subtle 
intricacies. After listening to this, one becomes more aware of his or her 
surroundings and can appreciate life's vibrational essence as if seeing from 
a new perspective. With Cicadas, you can now hear the world through the ears 
of Philip Madness.



    01 philip madness - 219
    02 philip madness - this city
    03 philip madness - civillian 1 (excerpt)
    04 philip madness - savannah
    05 philip madness - this isn't working out
    06 philip madness - snowblind intro
    07 philip madness - fields 2
    08 philip madness - freedom layer 1
    09 philip madness - a confusing room 2 (excerpt)
    10 philip madness - wanderlust (part 4)
    11 philip madness - freedom layer 2





   lame vbr 128 - 320 kbps


   music and photography  /  Andrew Lyons /
   artwork                /  Sondzee /
   release                /  psy-sci /


   This digital release may be freely distributed, provided that this
   information file is included.  No money shall be exchanged for this
   release, no matter the medium of the release.  All rights reserved by
   Soulseek Records.

   (c) Copyright All tracks' respective owners
   (c) Copyright 2010 Soulseek Records