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SUAL023A - SineWeaver - Passed Music's Ghost -

Once again SineWeaver is brilliantly interlacing his soundwaves to create the
masterpiece that is "Passed Music's Ghost". His latest release is introduced
with mind-bending drums and an eclectic bassline that keeps you rushing
onward into auditory paradise. Then things slow down a bit to stir the
psychedelic mix "Making Seasons" into your brain to mystify and confound your
psyche as you're catapulted into 8-Bit euphoria with "Default". Threading a
melody composed of retro videogame tones and an industrial drum kit pounding
out tribal beats accompanying a looming ambiance of sound "Default" gets your
ears all warmed up for the title track, "Passed Music's Ghost". This is a
distinguished piece of work that caresses your brain and speaks to your soul
with profound emotional creativity.

Millions of people know the joy you experience from the mystical plant of
which the next song is about, and for those who hear it, they will encounter
comparable jubilance when "Mary" begins to play its thumping beat. As the
musical rollercoaster keeps you rolling along "Wenlock Road" starts. Turn
your speakers up very loud, this next song will quake right through your
body. Quiet at first, then a synth begins bringing you upward as the beat
continues to become more elaborate and suddenly an earth shaking bass kick
joins in and really makes you want to cheer with merriment. An esoteric
trance of music comes at you in "Optic" creating mind-blowing vibrations
of sound and a surging beat that is magnificent. Sineweaver creates a
overwelming atmosphere in "Greenacres" to introduce the last song on this
collection. You'd better still have those headphones turned up to the max.
"In Jam" makes one feel reminiscent of old school Richard D. James with its
kaleidoscopic ethereal jam that's out of this world. Sineweaver unmistakably
exerts alot of effort and skill into his work, and that is quite definitive
on this EP. Put "Passed Music's Ghost" on a playlist or compact disc, press
play, repeat, then enjoy.


    01 SineWeaver - Partner
    02 SineWeaver - Making Seasons
    03 SineWeaver - Default
    04 SineWeaver - Passed Music's Ghost
    05 SineWeaver - Mary
    06 SineWeaver - Wenlock Road
    07 SineWeaver - Optic
    08 SineWeaver - Greenacres
    09 SineWeaver - In Jam





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