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Sual021a- oculairus - The Pig Man - 

Oculairus' debut release 'The Pig Man E.P' arrives with 'Alone In Perpetual 
Darkness', gregorian whispers and controlled noise lead us into 
'Nestroyed', a pounding ethereal space organ melody of grand opulance 
marking a welcome hello from the Kansas based producer.
'Lorsque nous nous....'continues to haunt, an excersize in cadence placing 
melody center stage and becoming reminiscent of an early autechre, finding 
a warmth in acid that few of the genres producers have yet to discover.
As we gracefully move into 'Green Pepper's slow climax of militant drills 
and drones it is evident that this release is going to be a treat.
The Pig Man himself returns in 'one knifetip' to introduce the second half 
of the e.p, 'Rezanatorerzim' is a dizzying display of unusual noise bursts 
and time signature destruction capturing breakcore in its purest
esscence, as the track moulds into 'Goa Twin' Oculairus is dragging us 
screaming into the darkest corner of his dancefloor, a layered gabba tinged 
frenzy that wouldnt seem out of place in a heavy metal fans collection.
'Dr Leary's Electric....' is acid dementia, dripping synth lines combine to 
create an almost kalidoscopic atmosphere, listen to this track on headphones 
for the full effect of the woozy bassline, as we swirl into 'classic' 
dischordant arpeggios try to keep up with frenetic rushes of percussion, a 
quiet homage to the early Venetian Snares era.
With 'Zen' retro John Carpetnenter styled melodys compliment 8-bit drum 
flutters beautifully creating a warm blanket of sound that truly inspires, 
but the comfort zone does not last as we are thrown once again into 
industrial mayhem, 'Lucid' is true dancefloor genius, skittering perc bursts 
conjure images of limbs flailing and strobe lit euphoria, in closing the 
dreamy 'Xtralitanium' washes heavy acid lines in foam and light hi hats, 
showing a much more ambient side to oculairus skills, as with 'theta waves' 
we are left with just enough menace to be wanting more and not to be too 
frightened as to what may come next. 

The Pig Man' is Oculairus carving out his sound, balancing analogue 
porridge and dancefloor anthems perfectly, repeated listening is essential 
as there is so much going on and so many different feelings conjured, I will 
be awaiting an album with baited breath.


   01 oculairus - Alone in perpetual darkness
   02 oculairus - Nestroyed [Phantom of the 8bit]
   03 oculairus - Lorsque nous nous sommes rencontrés au centre commercial
   04 oculairus - Green Pepper
   05 oculairus - one knifetip
   06 oculairus - Rezanatorrizm
   07 oculairus - goa twin
   08 oculairus - Dr. Leary's Electric Orange Juice
   09 oculairus - Classic
   10 oculairus - Zen
   11 oculairus - lucid
   12 oculairus - Xtralitanium
   13 oculairus - theta waves computer space [live set 002]



   lame 128


   music & cover art           /  oculairus /
   writeup                     /  Sine Weaver /
   release                     /  psy-sci /


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