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SUAL018A - Sound Creation - In The Mind -

With the advent of downloading it has almost taken away a listeners interest 
in checking out a complete project of an artist sometimes. One of the things 
I love about the music of sound creation is that there seems to be a real 
concerted effort to care about quality of sound and editing, which is superb 
I might add. Each note necessary and important to each composition and there 
are no more or less of them than there needs to be. But even better than the 
aesthetics is the actual content of the music which is light, airy, whimsical, 
atmospheric, and at times tinged with a bit of moodiness. Everything is 
allowed to breathe. To me this is a must have for the beach, sea or land. 
Listening to Berry gave me a tropical feeling like I was out on a boat and I 
felt like this might be what I would be listening to. Break the Habit is a 
nice moving piece that would be a great listen on a long drive or relaxing at 
home. I also really enjoyed kennel the textures are pleasing and most 
interesting. As and EP I found it to be something I really liked listening to 
from beginning to end. A must for the Ipod for sure.


   01 Sound Creation - Berry
   02 Sound Creation - Break the Habit
   03 Sound Creation - Kennel
   04 Sound Creation - Spirit Within
   05 Sound Creation - Two Halves






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   writeup                / Kimberly Keck  / 
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