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SUAL014A - humanite - milk consumption -

"Milk Consumption" offers a sound reminiscient of 8 bit gaming: in a time
when life was worry free and mampi still cut the pb&j into triangles for
you. Humanite offers a digital toast to the good life in this album. These
tunes are perfect for dubbing over saturday morning cartoons (especially
if you are looking for some relaxing down-tempo electronic music).

When I first played this album, I was immediately reminded of early Anticon 
instrumental works, but as I gave it a second listen (and then a third, 
fourth and fifth listen) it became evident that the sounds he was producing 
were very original and held a level of authenticity thats not easy to find in 
this style of electronic music today, truly a gem in the underground scene. 
"Milk Consumption" is a soundtrack for replaying childhood memories in the 
back of your mind.

Humanite aka Nik Jade, an artist from Austin, Texas helps run FSOR, a
netlabel at, but this is his first release


   01 humanite - milk consumption
   02 humanite - forum down
   03 humanite - lamp
   04 humanite - 7th detuned mellow body
   05 humanite - zarkon
   06 humanite - gestation
   07 humanite - thoughts sound just like a feather falling






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