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 SUAL010A - The 462nd Zinnias - Experimental Lardon

 Those two guys come from Britain. Though young, their sound is definitely
 promising. Think about it, from the deepest recesses of experminental
 electro, which they call electro-mop or something, you stumble across sounds
 that will flummox your ears and your mind. Sometimes melodic, others full of
 beats, you will find that anything can be turned into music.

 No need to translate the lardon. It's a concept you can grasp only by
 listening to the release. You translate it with your ears. Strange words of
 their own come to life in their music. You may wonder what the titles mean,
 and you would be right. Just listen, you may get it.

 This sound just makes you want to listen to it again and again. You just
 could not tell why you like it, but it's a fact : this music is definitely
 addicting. I'm not kidding, they're using coconuts -or was it a dancing
 horse ?- for music, as well as vocal samples, movie cuts, deep bass lines
 and other strange instruments. The whole thing is mixed up in a no less
 strange bowl from which oozes a musical juice : Experimental Lardon.

 Give it a try, it's worth it. It sounds familliar at times, but may take
 you to places you've never heard from before.

 Review By piotr [pj dot piotr at wanadoo dot fr]


   01 The 462nd Zinnias - Intro & Saltimbanques
   02 The 462nd Zinnias - Vade Retro & Saltimbanques
   03 The 462nd Zinnias - Un fakichir et une morue
   04 The 462nd Zinnias - Ein Schornstein tanzt
   05 The 462nd Zinnias - Dumpin' Wajajeke
   06 The 462nd Zinnias - Un Jour dans l'Entreplat
   07 The 462nd Zinnias - Urine carpet ride
   08 The 462nd Zinnias - Nocturne pour fillette (opus 462)
   09 The 462nd Zinnias - Electro mop from Bubry
   10 The 462nd Zinnias - ^2Justin^1Faberger On The Spot
   11 The 462nd Zinnias - Bruise slipper






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