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 SUAL008A - Cube - Flotation EP -

 Talented 17 year old Cube, or Bobby as his mum calls him, blesses Soulseek
 Records with his debut release in the form of his mood-shifting Flotation
 Cube, who resides in Cheshire, England, provides us three original tracks on
 the ep, each different in their own way but all are equally as good as each
 His Flotation EP takes us on a warming journey through machine-like
 downtempo beats, almost Four Tet-like guitar trickery, driving tribal
 rhythms, natural ambience and uplifting melodies, all in all, providing
 successful and comforting results.

 The EP also contains three seperate remixes, Paradigm X & Ears Akimbo adding
 their own individual style to the title track and Kernel32 offering a mash-
 up of the whole EP.  

 As an artist, Cube has been making music for 3 years spending much of his
 early production years creating drum n bass.  No surprise, considering that
 he regards legends Goldie & LTJ Bukem amongst his main influences.

 We are happy to bring to you his first ep and hope there's more to come
 from Cube in the future.


   01 Cube - Flotation
   02 Cube - Texture
   03 Cube - Flotation (Paradigm X remix)
   04 Cube - Flotation (Ears Akimbo remix)
   05 Cube - Ocean Waves
   06 Cube - Flotation EP (Kernel 32 mashup)






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   This digital release may be freely distributed, provided that this
   information file is included.  No money shall be exchanged for this
   release, no matter the medium of the release.  All rights reserved by
   Soulseek Records.

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