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 SUAL006a - Bubzigohn - The Left-Hand Path To Jahweh's Doorstep

 Hailing from Orlando, Bubzigohn's musical tentacles extend toward elements
 of avant-pop,  space rock, and anti-folk.  His first EP, "The Left-Hand
 Path to Jahweh's Doorstep" is a seditious rock-opera response to American
 culture, spun with a mixture of standard instrumentation, synthetic
 textures, and a swank fetish for nonmusical objects.

 A Joe's Garage-esque expos‚ on the common man, "Jahweh" focuses on Harry, a
 burrito enthusiast who watches the war in Iraq on TV. Harry works a lowly
 tech-support job, indulges in internet dating, and occasionally dips into
 deconstructing the flaws of humanity. Given Bubzigohn's usual knack for the
 glitchy-chic, the material is a thought-provoking and well-executed musical
 oeuvre at whose heart ays the classic, good-natured desire to save your
 soul... or, at the very least, to reprogram your brain waves, you corporate

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   01 harry the american
   02 call center worker
   03 miracle penis interlude
   04 dating
   05 small crippled utopian
   06 happy barren utopian
   07 a bad day for senor burrito
   08 the piper


   Made between the months of April and November 2003 at the shitty
   townhouse and Chez Coty.

   The voice of Harry is John Sapinski, an absurdly convincing progenitor of
   The voices of disgruntled workers 1 & 2 are Chris Burton and Keith Readdy,
   fellow gnomes.

   The voice of Dave, and the Burrito, is DJ Smith, a friend in the cave of
   The voice of Susan Slutgirl is Elizabeth Fernandez, a chaotic neutral.
   The voice of Jahweh is Jahweh, a satori amalgam of 'Jah' and 'Yehweh'.
   The chorus to 'Call Center Worker' is derived from lyrics by Momus
   (aka Nick Currie).
   The sleeve art was collaboratively made by Steve Gaynor and Matthew
   Xavier Crispell.

   All other composition, performance, recording, production, and mastering
   by John Schmitt.




   MP3 /  256kbps / -b 256



   This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
   You are free:
      a) to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work.
      b) to make derivative works.
   All material (c)opyleft 2003-04.