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 SUAL004A - Daigoro - William Herdman's Cinema -

 Here Daigoro marks his first release not only for us here at SUAL, but also
 his debut netrelease on any label.  Hailing from Perth, Scotland, Daigoro -
 or Dave Fyans as his mother still calls him - takes his influence from
 sources as diverse as prog rock, ambient electronica, dub and traditional
 Scottish folk music to create glacial drones and bubbling ambient
 soundscapes. On this release, Daigoro pays homage to his great grandfather,
 William Herdman, who wrote and played piano music for silent movies. In his
 own words, Daigoro's album recalls the "crackly old sepia life" that would
 have punctuated his relative's career.  He also sees the Scottish folk
 influence in his music as part of his own cultural identity.  Traditional
 Celtic music is built around the drone of the bagpipes, and although this
 album thankfully features no bagpipes, Daigoro's careful analysis of the
 music's structures and idiosyncracies ensures that the music's heritage
 lives on.

 Daigoro forms one half of Somniscope (, who create
 audio-visual artwork which is also definitely worth checking out.  On his
 own, Daigoro is also featured on the forthcoming "Some Paths Lead Back Again
 [hpll:010]" compilation on Highpoint Lowlife Records
 (  Along with this, Daigoro's track 'Wrong'
 (featuring the vocal talent of Synesthesia) was the winner of August's
 The Slsk, and hence will be featured on the forthcoming Soulseek Records

             Dedicated to the memory of Simon Mitchell 1979-2004

   01 Scrape the Label
   02 Dead Drop
   03 William Herdman's Cinema
   04 Clicks + Noise Study #1
   05 On Sundays
   06 SM04
   07 Heads Down (Chordality)
   08 Sunny Afternoon in Perth


   Master WAVs


   MP3 / SoundForge / 128kbps / -b 128

   written and produced by D.Fyans (
   Artwork by Somniscope


   This digital release may be freely distributed, provided that this
   information file is included.  No money shall be exchanged for this
   release, no matter the medium of the release.

   (c) Copyright All tracks' respective owners