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2001-08-14 23:17:37
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  • 01-v-drac.s3m 74.29K
  • 02-v-bewm.s3m 61.76K
  • 03-v-waow.s3m 65.41K
  • 04-v-bzam.s3m 81.87K
  • 05-v-zzap.s3m 70.19K
  • 06-v-cf2.s3m 98.48K
  • v-fx.nfo 1.60K


a nes chiptune disk by virt
with special bonus track - classical favourites vol.II !!

these tunes are all part of a single imaginary
game. picture castlevania meets gargoyle's quest to
explain the baroque / cockrock hybrid. everything 
does S3M well these days, so don't sweat the player.

i'm imitating the third-gen (post ~1988) konami 
sound engine (i stole their dpcm kick and noise snare)
so this does sound mainly like them :D however i've
broken a couple of the konami rules - used a bit 
of chord arpeggio, which they didn't use.

furthermore the tri wave has volume data.. a no-no,
so it's not 100% nes accurate. furthermore i represent
the konami snare as a sample even though it's generated
by the noise channel on the nes.. in all songs except
zzap the sample is at least played in the noise channel..
the issue with white noise in a mod is that, as a sample,
it is lacking all of the delicious randomness and the
pseudo-phasing from the original noise. similarly the
tri-wave has none of that great aliasing in lower registers.
oh well, maybe i'll follow through with my half-quest
to learn 6502asm :D

here's the order in which you should play them (they segue)

 1) drac
 2) bewm
 3) waow
 4) bzam
 5) zzap

there we have it. hope you enjoy :)


released on monotonik in 2001

a winner is you!