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giants steps musicdisk
j'ecoute release #6 - by carlos


welcome to our first release of the year 2000 (ok it's
march, but we got here as fast as we could)..
we have something special for you today:
a massive release by carlos, with 13 tracks (+ extras)
of great jazz, and featuring an interface coded by rod.

this is carlos's 2nd pc musicdisk. it's got some tunes
you'll probably have already heard, and some new ones,
adding up to a quite amazing collection. a jazz lover's
it goes from the funky end with some great bossa nova,
and funk basslines, to the beautiful slow ballad end,
with pretty much everything in between, all written
with the skill you expect from this guy - one of the
best jazz trackers in the world today.

run gsteps.exe to go. in case you were wondering,
click on the track numbers to play them.

oh, and try to find the hidden parts.



j'ecoute is a music group that produces jazz. 

current members:

smash - music / organising
vegard - music
carlos - music
norfair - music

perhaps you would like to visit our website 
for more information.