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 iD.058 // Kosmonaut - Photon (2EP)


 Just as one thing can be viewed entirely different in different light,
 depending on how you view it light itself can appear as entirely
 different things - as wave or as particle. The photons which light
 consists of are neither the one thing nor the other, and yet they're
 both at the same time.

 On his superluminal trips through the electromusical universe Kosmonaut
 had plenty of opportunities to delve deeply into the nature of light,
 and enough inspiration to record his findings in the universal language
 of music. On long-wave basses he drags us down into the hypnotic
 maelstrom of a black hole of infinitely compressed dubstep, lets
 perishing melodical fragments flash up one last time before the
 energetic darkness swallows them entirely. What started out as
 drum'n'bass from another world, bursts into a supernova of brilliantly
 variegated tone colours, emits shockwaves of pulsating beats and blows
 a harmonic particle-storm through our gray cells.

 Purists may now wonder whether Kosmonaut is about dubstep or about
 drum'n'bass. Much in the vain of the wave-particle-dualism he is
 neither about the one thing nor about the other, and yet he's about
 both at the same time. In the end, though, much like the photon itself,
 Kosmonaut really is about one thing: energy.



 side a)
 01 - Distanz
 02 - Fluxosphere
 03 - Phesa
 04 - Relais
 05 - Sol
 06 - Model

 side b)
 01 - Artemise
 02 - Cuse
 03 - Anthala (feat. Laurie Webb)
 04 - Opcode
 05 - Flowers
 06 - Slicrom 

 Duration - 61:26 min.


 all tracks written and composed by Stefan "Kosmonaut" Mader,
 mastered by Sudio.
 Artwork by Rezy (
 Vocals on "Anthala" by Laurie Webb of Lollievox
 "Distanz" was originally released on the Enoughdubs-Compilation by
 Enoughrecords (


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 iD.058 Kosmonaut - Photon [2EP]
        (Dubstep, Drum 'n Bass)

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