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2.yami no ashioto
(Shimada Remix)

(M-1)voice. ayumi melody
(M-2)voice. まつもと尚こ
(M-2)remixed by シマダオサム
(Swinging Popsicle / The Caraway)
cover art. 鈴苺
vocal editor.タカユキカトー
ユメノマ(yumenoma) is 
nakashima shinya
(music, arrange, bass guitar, lyric, mix)

ユメノマ profile↓
A solo project by Shinya Nakashima.
Released music under record labels overseas in the States & Italy & Portugal & France. 
Produced BGM tracks for storefronts, exhibitions, games, and more. 
Produced countless works in collaboration with creators of other genres. 
Music released in 2021 was ranked no.12 on the Apple Music Japan psychedelic songs chart.
Trip pop: creates space via music.