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Tale Twist - Prolonged Feeling of Nothingness [enrmp434]

01) Tale Twist - Flat Forlorn
02) Tale Twist - Bare Barren
03) Tale Twist - Deserted Desolation

Generative rhythms, organic beats and textures, dark melodies mingled up with unperfected glitches distorted to an unhuman frequency.

Distorted reversals, conflicting joints, visceral patterns of cosmic audio spectrum eager to be perceived, to be heard once and for all. They all may seem to be insignificant in relation to the greatness of the prolonged, almost endless, feeling of emptiness.

João Ricardo aka Tale Twist is a musical producer and graphic designer from São Paulo, Brazil. After graduated in Graphic Design and Art Direction at MMU in Manchester, UK I moved back to Brazil. Once a guitarist in a heavy metal band, I started to get a taste of electronic music by accident and the forces of the universe have put me in contact with the mighty John Peel's show on BBC and that twisted my head up for good. The content of the show I was once exposed to influenced my musical taste and inspired me to produce music as a medicine for my illness to live.

What I try to do is to add twists into my productions as well as my mixes, always searching from different fonts and mixing them up somehow. Looking for the unexpected, I lead the listener to the twists and turns of my psychotic mind. I fit them into the maze of my endurance to survive and I try to make it a little bit harder for them to get out of it. It is hard to be a weirdo but it pays off at the end of the day.

Music has always been my art of choice and now, more than never it has hooked me up as a fish in a ball of sand trying to find its way through the mess. Music has saved me and it continues to save me in a daily basis. My love for music is unconditional and I try hard to pass it on to the listener. My music is made out of love.