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OKAM - Alpha // The Confliction [enrmp427]

1. Dystopia Projected
2. The Ark
3. Stay
4. Savages
5. In the Silence (feat. Remeya Kingston)
6. Granular Lunar
7. From The Darkness, Into Darkness
8. Bridges Burning
9. Fencepost RMX

Alpha // The Confliction is the second part in the Alpha - Omega cycle. To check out Omega // The Inception go to

Vocals on "In The Silence" by Remeya Kingston.

The Fencepost RMX is my take on the open ended remixing process of The Fencepost Reclamation Project material. 
All field recordings on this track were provided by the initiators over at
Get it touch with them to take part in this!