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ps - Finding My Own Way Back Home [enrmp408]

01) The Long Journey
02) Emptyness of the Soul / Crossing Planes
03) Accepting Fate
04) Reduced Sentence
05) Anticipating Entropy
06) Factor Simplification / Abiding Storm
07) Reverie / Unlock
08) Your Soul Is like the Wind / Frostbite
09) A Door Made of Sand / A Tunnel Made of Hope
10) Holding On

All sounds by Filipe "ps" Cruz

Some unrecognizable samples on track 1 were sampled by Grid Resistor.

Photograph from cover by Aleksi Stenberg:


i climb the mountain
tall, crooked and steep
beyond these accursed hills
is my world, my love so deep

up here there are no fountains
only trees, a welcoming shade
i climb this tall mountain
holding my safekeep, the one that you braid

break, through the fog
break, through the mist

break, through the snow and the storm
break, through the forgotten the torn
break, through the dark of the night
break, through the howl of the day
break through misery
break through everything that's gone

if i try hard enough
if i climb high enough
if i get through the rough
i'll clear through the clouds
i'll get there someday

eventually i'll break through the fog
eventually i'll break through the storm
eventually i'll break trhough the clouds
eventually, i'll get there someday

i'm going, i'm crossing that river
i see it, i'll reach it someday

and when i'm done crossing that river
i'll be there over my limit someday

my clothes, dirty and ragged
are now wet, drifting and rot
on this river there are no shallow crossings
only a toll boat, but i pay him will not

Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0
Enough Records (2017)