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▄▄▄▄▄ ▄ .▄▄▄▄ .    .▄▄ · ▪  ▄▄▌  ▄▄▄ . ▐ ▄  ▄▄· ▄▄▄ .
•██  ██▪▐█▀▄.▀·    ▐█ ▀. ██ ██•  ▀▄.▀·•█▌▐█▐█ ▌▪▀▄.▀·
 ▐█.▪██▀▐█▐▀▀▪▄    ▄▀▀▀█▄▐█·██▪  ▐▀▀▪▄▐█▐▐▌██ ▄▄▐▀▀▪▄
 ▐█▌·██▌▐▀▐█▄▄▌    ▐█▄▪▐█▐█▌▐█▌▐▌▐█▄▄▌██▐█▌▐███▌▐█▄▄▌
 ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀ · ▀▀▀      ▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀.▀▀▀  ▀▀▀ ▀▀ █▪·▀▀▀  ▀▀▀ 
    ▪   ▐ ▄ ·▄▄▄▄  ▄• ▄▌.▄▄ · ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄   ▄· ▄▌       
    ██ •█▌▐███▪ ██ █▪██▌▐█ ▀. •██  ▀▄ █·▐█▪██▌       
    ▐█·▐█▐▐▌▐█· ▐█▌█▌▐█▌▄▀▀▀█▄ ▐█.▪▐▀▀▄ ▐█▌▐█▪       
    ▐█▌██▐█▌██. ██ ▐█▄█▌▐█▄▪▐█ ▐█▌·▐█•█▌ ▐█▀·.       
    ▀▀▀▀▀ █▪▀▀▀▀▀•  ▀▀▀  ▀▀▀▀  ▀▀▀ .▀  ▀  ▀ •        

               _ _ ,---------.   .-'''-. .-./`)      _ _   
   _          ( ' )\          \ / _     \\ .-.')    ( ' )  
 _( )_       (_{;}_)`--.  ,---'(`' )/`--'/ `-' \   (_{;}_) 
(_ o _)       (_,_)    |   \  (_ o _).    `-'`"`    (_,_)  
 (_,_)    /)  //       :_ _:   (_,_). '.  .---.     //     
(/``\\._.'/  //_ _     (_I_)  .---.  \  : |   |    //      
     `._.',-'/( ` )   (_(=)_) \    `-'  | |   | ,-'/       
         )  ((_{;}_)   (_I_)   \       /  |   |)  (        
         `---'(_,_)    '---'    `-...-'   '---'`---'       

the silence industry - ~/.tsi/

static airwaves
	crackle and
above this heavy summer

carbon shadows drifting		wraithlike
 in the stillness of this
arid afterworld

dystopian dreamers

 for the dead
    the sirens howl as
  steel hearts crash

 their broken rhythms in the street

beyond the lucite pane
  love - a neon black horizon
 out of		reach

a kiss of rust
 for our atomic children
breathing the dusts
 of a hundred years

	ashes drift
   like snow
across the fields
                 once green

amongst the shattered wood
 quietly embracing
beneath the watchful eyes
 of collapsing dragons

      blood and survival
   on our lips
and nothing more

  braver fires brightly burn
beneath a blazing liquid sky
 we shift like shades
    electric in the haze
  uncalm before the silent storm

if we could cut the words
 that bind our lips would we
speak in tongues?
 of passages yet undiscovered
up to the ecstatic vault

     give me the
  hidden years
give me the 	sands
 of monolithic fears
     sp l i nte red
 beneath the waves
   of change

made anew
   glittering in a different light

if we could damn the walls
 that close us in would we
chase the    sun?
 beyond the hills
into lost valleys
     where all are one
feral creatures
   running with the speed
  and hearts of lions.

###this zero hour###
 from the earth
reaching towards an azure sky
     with flourescent hands

the colour and the rage
    of numberless hearts
  wild as a sea of flowers

like echoes through the halls
  and corridors of empty cities

    we move amongst the flames
  to the scarlet resonances
   of a new

to the din of our rebirth
 between the flitting flares
we dance away this zero hour

 let our promises remain unbroken
    in this gathering
  where the mosses in their multitudes
  of colour

to new hymns of turning earth
 in circles of standing stones
once monuments of mammon's pride

 to the song of seasons' change
drenched in april rain
 careening on the bricks laid
by our fathers' hands

###on feathered wings###
heavens resting on your brow
  winking, starlit against
 the void

on feathered wings you
  lift     me up
 beyond the veil
  of slate grey smog
to share a kiss
  amongst the stars

like a tower
 above the crystal dome of sky
we  stand before  the raging winds
    of days
 passing by

     we are the fire
  that burns inside
    the heart of every sun

  torches in the mouth of night
      and shadows
    dancing in their shifting

  your lips like polished stone
 spill words of steel
    blood and iron
 running wild
   across our   newborn hearts
 the kingdom of your kiss
     all iridescence
        in our time

###with arms###
nervous fingers     flex
 pulsing in streaks
 of shade and colour
through morning haze

pulses shorten measure
 as we converge      in       silence
coming together

you and i
  meet with burning lips
 amongst majestic ruins

weaned between the wars
    and raised on crisis
  without reason
 to grasp at remnants

with     arms
  held high
 to the blazing blue sky
we find eachother in this moment

making love
  upon the ashes
 of abandoned gods

singing in the streets
   beneath the shade of trees
 planted in the heat of battle

with     arms    we     reach
  to a yellow sun
 racing to the centre of
      a    new    world

our faces turned
   with gritted teeth
 towards a future birthing in 
our hearts

###with gilded fetters###
restless dreamers at the shore
 upon the banks of lead
 and silicone

waiting for the hour to come
 beneath a setting sun
with gilded fetters

muted lovers at the wall
 pressing aging hands
to tempered glass

the ticking drones
     echo in our heads
  like a hundred hammers

reaching for your gaze
   shifting through the sighing spaces

when the hammer falls
 upon our eyes
    i'll be with you
  just out of        reach

the ticking drones
  echo in our heads

you and i
  pushing stones up either side
 of this cairn of moments
 beneath a sinking plastic sky

reaching for your gaze
     shifting through the sighing spaces

our names from lifeless lips
  like   leaves    in

interred beneath the raging sounds
     of our machinery.Mac OS X        	2|®ATTR®””Zone.Identifier[ZoneTransfer]