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Aires / Rui P. Andrade / Earthly Beasts - Split [enrmp357]

1 - Aires : Solvet Cosmos in Favilla
2 - Rui P. Andrade : Turdus Merula
3 - Earthly Beasts : Erebus

Artwork by Mafalda Melim

Aires is the pseudonym of a portuguese sound artist active since last decade.
The self-titled debut album was released last February by Enough Records and shows,
in 30 minutes, a distinct approach on drone, ambient and field recordings.

Rui P. Andrade is a portuguese producer and sound artist.
Part of the Noise/Black Metal trio, Ecos, with whom he added three releases to his
discography, he would later on collaborate with Nelson P. Ferreira on "Ponta Gorda"
and "White Mother". "Vessels", built around guitar and field recordings, was released in
December of 2012 by BRØQN records and signaled his first step as a solo artist.

Earthly Beasts is a portuguese producer based in Lisbon, exploring dense textures and
slow rythms, with the sole goal of achieving high tension for the listener.

Enough Records 2014