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Gutterhulk – Great Stewardship (2012)

"I'll take you to a place where chimes are ringing
To a place with a chill where souls are singing
I'll bring you to a state of nightmares clinging
Where your innocence dies with lies I'm bringing"
- Project 86, „Chimes”

Composed, mixed and produced by Gutterhulk
Samples: (random order)
acclivity, ERH, pera, AaronGNP, planetjazzbass, soligen, Dan Oberbauer, inchadney, bidone, Andrew Duke, 
Argitoth, rhumphries, ls, klankbeeld, alextundra, HMNN, metamorphmuses, Fayz, crazyguywithcomputer, jovica, yewbic, 
offthesky, sheeettin, DextDee, ShortBusMusic, detskinator, Kerri & Gutterhulk
[some samples, uploaded anonymously, were taken from]
Cover art by Gutterhulk & Caleb (Zen Textures/ Lost and Taken)

Special thanks to:

Eric Chahi, creator of Heart of Darkness, one of the most incredible games in the history and Bruce Broughton for composing such a wonderful 
soundtrack to this game

Eric Brosius, the greatest dark ambient artist ever, for being an inspiration to me and for his awesome Thief soundtracks 
(now, this album is a proper tribute!)

Planetjazzbass of Looperman, for being a wonderful inspiration and his loops, the bulk and the basis of my music

Blizzard Entertainment, creators of the StarCraft universe, another source of inspiration

Now-defunct Looking Glass Studios for creating the Thief series, another one of the most incredible games in the history (like above)

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