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Artist: 8:B>@ I20=i2 & Muhmood

Album: Rùt 

Style: poetry, spoken word,experimental, noise

Year: 2009

Format: CDr + netaudio mp3 [enrmp216]
Quality: mp3 320 kbps

Lyrics in Russian included in tags

Total Size: 31 Mb


Muhmood website:

8:B>@ I20=i2 LJ:



01 5@B20 G.1      2:13

02 Rùt             2:59

03 8:8B0          2:02

04 N18<K9  0460   5:46

total time:        12:59

This is a collaboration of two Siberian artists - 8:B>@ I20=i2 (Victor Ivaniv) is a futurist poet from Novosibirsk. Muhmood is the Alexei Biryukoff s one man project from Barnaul, experimenting with ambient soundscapes, noises, field recordings and heavy guitar music. They met in November 2007 when Victor came to Barnaul with a presentation of his book  A Glass Man and the Green Record . At that time they decided to try to do 2 or 3 tracks to see what would come out. By June 2009 the four tracks EP is done. They will continue to work on a long playing album that will include Victor s poems and prose.

This project falls into a relatively new wave of Russian poets and writers who declaim their writings along some beats and tunes.