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                        __ _             _ __
                        |                   |
      ____.       ._____:   ._____.   ._____: ___.         .______ 
    _/  _ |___.__\|_    |__\|_    |__\|_    |/  _|/____.___|     (_
   _)    _|   |    /    |    /    |    /    |   \_     |   |      |
   |     \    |   /     |         |   /     |    /     |   _      |
   |       ___|__/______|_________|_________|__________|___\      |
- -|_______\-diP--------|-------------------|-----------aSL-\_____|- -
                        |                   |
                        | . enoughrecords . |
                        |_ _             _ _|

                   Krabatof Philharmonic Orchestra
                           Insect's Brain

When Eugenio passed me this downloadable release for a review I thought
it was "ordinary administration": that has been my first mistake.
The second stupid mistake I've made has been to judge the book by the the name (I still it's dead funny). But even if the
older I get the more I turn into an old fart, my critical spirit hasn't
been obscured by my own prejudices and "Insect's brain" has been a real
surprise. Time after time I've found that not only this project from
"Suisa" was interesting, it was also much more original and well done
if compared to many other official recordings I've listened in the
last years. It's really hard to describe such a weird mixture of
influences, you pass from a track structured on white noise to another
based on chords-instruments out of tune, from weird noises made out of
who knows what, to cartoon-like piano music floating on a  digital
"canvas". Krabatof Orchestra is one of the most insane things you
can happen to hear nowadays, their website is even more insane than
their music. It's funny but there's a thin line between the genius
and the fool, with Krabatof the genius becomes a complete idiot or
even worse the fool is the real "beautiful mind". One day entropy will
trap us all into a black hole, during our neverending departure I know
we will be listening to music like this...again...and again...and again.
- Andrea Ferraris / ChainDLK

The KPO is an "electronic art brut experiment" based in Switzerland
that combines noises generated and modified via computer, field
recordings, and other esoteric sounds in a rumbling and vaguely
noise-laden flow of sound, perhaps akin to a more controlled version
of Contagious Orgasm. The band generally prefers to release its work
as MP3 files on its own site, although this one disc does exist for
the benefit of listeners like myself who are too lazy to go download
files. The seven tracks on this short album frequently sound like
near-ambient field recordings of power plants and city streets --
it's an aesthetic that's definitely more rooted in the sounds of
urban sprawl rather than nature -- and the sounds are frequently
gritty and textured, as on "Needle Pleasure." Things get a bit
more exotic-sounding on "Obscene Morning," with chittering noises
in the background and lurching bursts of sound up front, but the
sounds return to something more subtle and derived from what sound
like mechanical sources on "Empty Dog." Tracks like "Frozen Monk,"
with its hollowed-out pipe sound and screeching reverb, provide a
break from the minimalist focus of the other tracks, but largely
this is a subdued exercise in mutated ambient noise.
Interesting stuff, and worth checking out.
- The One True Dead Angel

Out of the blue a CDR arrives in my hands, a little more than
31 minutes of very interesting "bruit art" by Geneva-based Ludovic
Guerry, who manipulates "noises, field recordings and many weird
sounds" in seven personal definitions of a peculiar world of embryonic
utterances and disembodied dreams about the inhospitality of life.
"Insect's brain" is available in MP3 format from Krabatof's website;
most of its tracks are constructed upon the subsonic pulse of slowed
down frequencies mixed with warped sampling and hazy environments;
"Void" is the sound of war as heard from the toilet of a train, while
"Obscene morning" gathers Asmus Tietchens and Keith Emerson under the
effects of mushrooms; instead, "Negative emperor" and "Frozen monk"
are nice examples of alien harmony. The thing I like most about Ludovic
is that his music is raw but extremely individual - I really couldn't
find any comparison. Remember this guy's name, as he's got the potential
to become at least a cult figure.
- Massimo Ricci / Touching Extremes

Now that is quite a mouth full, Krabatof Philharmonic Orchestra,
a project by one Ludovic Guerry from Geneva, Switzerland. He calls
his music 'experimental noise ambient', a 'minimal and raw project,
computer generated/modified noises, field recordings and many weird
sounds mixed together'. On his own website he has published the album
'Insect's Brain', which is a nice collection of what he does.
Deep rumbles, harsher processings but also processed classical music,
make up this music. It's microsound, but it's also related to a more
noise related version thereof, without the harsher overtones of say
Merzbow (even when he's a bit softer, which is not often). A bit more
abrasive sounding, without loosing a keen eye on structure. Perhaps
not so innovative, but quite alright altogether.
- Frans de Waard / Vital Weekly