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  • Tracked Aggression 9\_TA9 COVERART.JPG 34.32K
  • Tracked Aggression 9\_TA9 INDEX.TXT 2.83K
  • Tracked Aggression 9\TA9-01 Dyryth & Hurt - Futile.mo3 1.71M
  • Tracked Aggression 9\TA9-02 Invisuu - The Growling Flames.mo3 1.27M
  • Tracked Aggression 9\TA9-03 Midianian - Human Error.mo3 862.70K
  • Tracked Aggression 9\TA9-04 Paradigma - Multivitimin.mo3 2.57M
  • Tracked Aggression 9\TA9-05 AxeSlash & Hurt - True Believer.mo3 2.26M
  • Tracked Aggression 9\TA9-06 Force - Northern Skys.mo3 2.63M
  • Tracked Aggression 9\TA9-07 GeloTrinity - Arthas Quest.mo3 457.92K
  • Tracked Aggression 9\TA9-08 Dyryth - Transylvania.mo3 1.43M
  • Tracked Aggression 9\TA9-09 Grimmu - The Most Northern.mo3 373.36K
  • Tracked Aggression 9\TA9-10 Paradigma - My Fading Soul.mo3 1.69M
  • Tracked Aggression 9\TA9-11 Invisuu - Black Symphony.mo3 2.16M
  • Tracked Aggression 9\TA9-12 Barfington - Accidental Amputation.mo3 778.38K
  • Tracked Aggression 9\TA9-13 Zipola - Disease.mo3 2.43M
  • Tracked Aggression 9\TA9-14 Ceekayed - In My Dreams.mo3 2.00M
  • Tracked Aggression 9\TA9-15 Midianian - Sick Sad World.mo3 3.19M
  • Tracked Aggression 9\TA9-16 Grimmu - Grim Reappearement.mo3 420.35K
  • Tracked Aggression 9\TA9-17 Grindire - She Chokes on my Cock.mo3 1.29M



     			 Produced By: FrizzleFried
			    Released: 03/21/04

##	Tracker		Vocalist	Song Name		Time	 Size
01	Dyryth		Hurt		Futile			3:09	1,755K
02	Invisuu				The Growling Flames	6:24	1,300K
03	Midianian			Human Error		5:56	  863K
04	Paradigma			Multivitimin		5:56	2,633K
05	Axeslash	Hurt		True Believer		3:24	2,315K
06	Force				Northern Skys		3:00	2,694K
07	GeloTrinity			Arthas' Quest		5:40	  458K
08	Dyryth				Transylvania		4:08	1,461K
09	Grimmu				The Most Northern 	5:57	  374K
10	Paradigma	Paradigma	My Fading Soul		3:38	1,735K
11	Invisuu		Invisuu		Black Symphony		3:53	2,212K
12	Barfington	Barfington	Accidental Amputation	1:53	  779K
13	Zipola		Zipola		Disease			1:43	2,489K
13	Ceekayed			In My Dreams		4:38	2,045K
14	Midianian			Sick Sad World		2:35	3,267K
15	Grimmu				Grim Reappearment	4:20	  421K
16	Grindire	Grindire	She Sucks On My Cock	1:22	1,320K
Sorry about the "basic" packaging this time around folks.   I have been pretty
damn sick over the last couple of weeks and, quite frankly,  I have been a bit
lazy because of it.   So no artist photographs to laugh at..just
some kickass modfiles!    I have taken the liberty of MO3ing all modfiles that
were submitted in thier native formats.   I received 21 songs for this project
which is quite a few more than I was expecting.   As you can tell,  there were
a few trackers who submitted two tunes each.   It's great to see such activity
in the scene!  There are also a number of new names to Tracked Aggression.   I
always like to see new faces.   There quite a few different genres represented
in this project.   Overall I am quite happy with the results..and be sure that
I will be writing up a full review on Metallurky...
I would like to thank the artists who participated in this project.  I have to
say that it was difficult to cut the 5 songs that I did...those of you who did
submit a song who didn't make it,   you are welcome to release your entry as a
single anytime you like.   Thanks!
I dedicate this,   and all my projects,   to my lovely wife Lisa...for without
her love,  support,  and patience,  I would not be able to function.
   (c) Copyright 2004 MangleBrain Productions | Jon "FrizzleFried" Sorenson