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Cthulhu whispers...                                                            
Shadows over Transylvania                                                      
Original Dark Funeral song from album: "The Secrets Of The Black Arts" (1996)  
Totally covered by Cthulhu                                                     
Vocalized by BuriED                                                            
December, 2002                                                                 
I say Hey!                                                                     
Heyo, heyo, I cut the crap and tracked again, for Friz only :)                 
This one here is a nice cover of a very cutey black metal song :) Thanx to     
Bubu that he got everything on time, what a surprize it was for me. I added    
a short but effective intro to the whole shit, the size got bigger but it      
sounds well :) I hope we, all the metalscene, will enjoy that :)               
The song is a bit longer 'cause of the intro, I changed some riffs and added   
some blastbeats...and also some cool basswork. Thanx to bubu and shadow        
cause they gave me inspiration. I love metalscene, I love you all :)           
Samples by Cadaver, Corpse, Claymore and those blacksample sets by some ppl :) 
Greets to Burito, Necro, Nycto, Labie, Inane, Tara*ucka, Tap, Panth, Aeuk,     
          Neoman, Libby, Kozmi, Friz, Galadaddy, Khali and everyone else at    
          #metalscene and the old #metaltrax.                                  
Cthulhu can always be summoned via;                                            
mail :                                                       
ICQ  : 8294206                                                                 
Shadows over Transylvania                                                      
[Music & Lyrics by Lord Ahriman & Blackmoon]                                   
Moonlight - descends in the land of the shadows                                
The cold moon is rising, over blood red skies                                  
Wolves - cries in the freezing night                                           
Gathered in the twilight, to summon the master below.                          
Rising shadows - over blood red skies                                          
Mournful cries - through the darkened night                                    
Darkness - spreads in a shape of evil                                          
Over the rising kingdom of Transylvania                                        
Shadows - surrounds the ancient castle                                         
The palace of death far away where no light exist                              
In the realms of Transylvania                                                  
The purest blood shall flow                                                    
The mortals shall please                                                       
The hunger of the undead souls                                                 
Shadows - over Transylvania                                                    
Darkness - in the land of frost                                                
Whispers - in the winds of evil                                                
Storms - in the blood red skies                                                
                             Dream About Death                                 
                 Composing, tracking and guitars by Collapsed                  
                               Length 4:34                                     
     This song should have vocals, but it doesn't have. That's why             
     it might sound a little boring at times. Well, I just wanted to           
     release this. Maybe I will re-release this with vocals someday...         
                        Azash von Helltormentor presents:                      
                        S E E D S   O F   S I C K N E S S                      
                        Music by: Azash von Helltormentor                      
                        Lyrics & Vocals by: FrizzleFried                       
                        Tracked for Tracked Aggression 8                       
                      located at: WWW.TRACKEDAGGRESSION.COM                    
                              Frozen Eyes: guitars                             
                                Revenant: Drums                                
                          Bass: ripped from somewhere                          
This was tracked entirely in 2 days (and you can hear it, blame it on lack of  
ideas.) This is, IMO, a weird little songy.                                    
Hails to those who have supported me & all at #metalscene, Metallurky &        
For contacts:                                          
- Azash von Helltormentor                                                      
These are some of my most powerful vocals.   I apologize for the last verse.   I
was getting a little horse by the time I got to that part...and well,  I didn't
have time to resample that part.   Life goes on.                               
- FrizzleFried (                                 
HATRED - Preached to our youth                                                 
WHO'LL NEVER - Learn of the truth                                              
PROGRAMMED - Dispise the jews                                                  
BOMBINGS - On headline news!                                                   
Sick and twisted people take advantage of their plight                         
Brainwashing the people and they're teaching them to fight                     
For no other reason than a mans race, they will kill                           
Not a thought of the innocent victims blood that they did spill                
HE LAUGHS FROM HIS THRONE                                                      
Seeds of Sickness growing strong!                                              
Seeds of Sickness Spreading On!                                                
Seeds of Sickness death foretold!                                              
Seeds of Sickness taking hold!                                                 
Sacrifice his life - no peace!                                                 
Thinking that his soul will be freed.                                          
Believing the lies that they tell!                                             
Consuming all the bullshit they sell!                                          
LIES - Told as the truth                                                       
PAIN - You will DIE!                                                           
KILL - With no remorse                                                         
DEATH - Make them suffer!                                                      
The spread of hatreds a disease                                                
Whos roots grom from a seed!                                                   
Left unchecked it'll dominate!                                                 
As is the record of hate!                                                      
SAD - A Waste of life                                                          
RAGE - God Damned Cowards                                                      
PITY - No Ones Immune                                                          
FEAR - Objective Complete.                                                     
Music (c)2002 Azash von Helltormentor XXVIII Anno Azash                        
Lyrics & Vocals (c)2002 MangleBrain Productions / FrizzleFried MuZaK Ltd.      
Song completed 12/29/02
"Sinister Agent of Satan"                                                      
Tracked by Cadaver 9/2002 for                                                  
TRACKED AGGRESSION 8                                                           
Hail to all metaltrackers!                                                     
Flying through countless dimensions                                            
Studying grimoires vast                                                        
Witnessing endless illusions                                                   
That will never last                                                           
He looks on from the nightsky                                                  
The night has just begun                                                       
Possessing unholy spells                                                       
To draw down the sun                                                           
He has been here always                                                        
And will always be                                                             
Mocking all the angels                                                         
In their goodness blind to see                                                 
Seeing to past and the future                                                  
Studying passage of time                                                       
With grimness making decisions                                                 
To select who's gonna die                                                      
And we see...                                                                  
The shadow of the wings                                                        
We hear...                                                                     
Funeral bells they ring                                                        
Sinister Agent of Satan                                                        
Soars through the sky tonight                                                  
Sinister Agent of Satan                                                        
From your soul he puts out the light                                           
Sinister Agent of Satan                                                        
Knower of all the lies                                                         
Sinister Agent of Satan                                                        
Will select who's gonna die                                                    
In the shadow of the horns we walk                                             
The songtitle is definitely inspired by Marduk and                             
their "Black Tormentor of Satan". And to make it clear,                        
this song has nothing to do with men/women who have                            
suits, earpieces, and guns :)
In the Grip of Winter
Composed by

Various sources

dunno where
these synths came

contact me and
stuff heh


Dedicated to
Twinkles ;)
Trackerd By James Gore aka Hurt for Trackedagression 8.                        
All instruments are original.                                                  
The Ripper (Judas Priest cover)                                                
By Dennis Mott, aka Barfington                                                                                                                                          
For TRACKED AGGRESSION 8 as organized by Frizzlefried                                                                
Guitars and vocals by Me                                                       
Bass by Nyctophilia                                                            
Drums (mainly) from Bob Clearmountain, Mike Crisler (,     
and Claymore.                                                                  
You're in for surprise                                                         
You're in for a shock                                                          
In London town streets                                                         
When there's darkness and fog                                                  
When you least expect me                                                       
And you turn your back                                                         
I'll attack                                                                    
I smile when I'm sneaking                                                      
Through shadows by the wall                                                    
I laugh when I'm creeping                                                      
But you won't hear me at all                                                   
All hear my warning                                                            
Never turn your back                                                           
On the ripper                                                                  
You'll soon shake with fear                                                    
Never knowing if I'm near                                                      
I'm sly and I'm shameless                                                      
Nocturnal and nameless                                                         
Except for 'The Ripper'                                                        
Or if you like 'Jack The Knife'                                                
Any back alley street                                                          
Is where we'll probably meet                                                   
Underneath a gas lamp                                                          
Where the air's cold and damp                                                  
I'm a nasty surprise                                                           
I'm a devil in disguise                                                        
I'm a footstep at night                                                        
I'm a scream of the fright                                                     
All hear my warning                                                            
Never turn your back                                                           
On the ripper...the ripper....the ripper                                       
December 27, 2002
       The Conjuration of "XILQA XILQA BESA BESA" or "A Most Excellent         
       îîî îîîîîîîîîîî îî  îîîîî îîîîî îîîî îîîî  îî  î îîîî îîîîîîîîî         
                    Charm Against the Hordes of Demons"                        
                    îîîîî îîîîîîî îîî îîîîîî îî îîîîîî                         
   Music and Vocals by Invisuu.                                                
   Tracked on Impulse Tracker 2.14.                                            
   Finished On November 2002.                                                  
   Lyrics taken from "The Necronomicon" by Aleister Crowley (1875-1975)        
Û- Lyrics:                                                                     
   Arise! Arise! Go far Away! Go far Away!                                     
   Be Shamed! Be Shamed! Flee! Flee!                                           
   Turn Around, Go, Arise and Go far Away!                                     
   Your Wickedness may Rise to Heaven like unto Smoke!                         
   Arise and Leave my Body!                                                    
   From my Body, Depart in Shame!                                              
   From my Body, Flee!                                                         
   Turn Away From my Body!                                                     
   Go Away from my Body!                                                       
   Do not Return to my Body!                                                   
   Do not Come near my Body!                                                   
   Do not Approach my Body!                                                    
   Do not Throng Around my Body!                                               
   Be Commanded by Shammash the Mighty!                                        
   Be Commanded by Enki, Lord of All!                                          
   Be Commanded by Marduk, the Great Magician of the Gods!                     
   Be Commanded by the God of Fire, Your Destroyer!                            
   May you be Held Back from my Body!                                          
Û- Instruments:                                                                
          -Bassdrum:          Unreal Tournament                                
          -Snare Drum:        ??                                               
          -Toms:              Unreal Tournament                                
          -Hihat:             Unreal Tournament                                
          -Ride:              ??                                               
          -Splash (Zildjian): Ripped from Behemoth - "Thelema.6" CD            
          -Crash:             Unreal Tournament                                
    -Guitar: Hybrido (I think)                                                 
    -Bass:  Unreal Tournament                                                  
    -Gothic Strings III: Claymore                                              
    -4 Horns: KiArchive site                                                   
    -Concert Bass Drum: KiArchive Site                                         
    -Piatti Short: KiArchive Site                                              
    -Timpani: Oliver Eue                                                       
    -Zobie Snare Drum: KiArchive Site                                          
     La Plata, Argentina.                                                      
     November, 2002.                                                           

"To Be Elite"                                                                  
Music: Dnd (Summer 2002)                                                       
Lyrics & Vocals: Cadaver (October 2002)                                        
All instruments are from Malekith's songs                                      
Sharpening the senses                                                          
The training eats you from within                                              
Filling with hatred                                                            
For the beautiful day when war begins                                          
Training to be elite                                                           
To cut throats and never be caught                                             
Going beyond limits                                                            
Homicidal urge is constantly fought                                            
When you're through                                                            
You'll fear no blood nor fire                                                  
Turned into a machine                                                          
Killing has become a desire                                                    
Live fire practice                                                             
Each day a chance to get killed                                                
If you die, you were no good                                                   
The selection is fulfilled                                                     
To be elite - Sadistic covert ops cut your throat                              
To be elite - Never failing on victory they gloat                              
Exercises to strengthen the spirit                                             
And destroy all the fear                                                       
Killing becomes second nature                                                  
And your mind becomes clear                                                    
The old self has died                                                          
It has been moulded with an iron will                                          
Earned your place among the elite                                              
Eagerly waiting for the kill                                                   
(repeat chorus)                                                                
Russian special ops                                                            
The most elite force                                                           
Trained without mercy                                                          
To kill without remorse                                                        
All other units shall cower                                                    
They'll never compare                                                          
As they strike like lightning                                                  
And then disappear                                                             
-Lady In Black                                                                 
+the rest of you who support the scene
Composed and tracked by Buried for                                             
Tracked Aggression 8 music disk (                   
Drum- and bass samples by Bob Clearmountain (made some                         
mixing myself, though), all guitars and vocals by                              
Falling from slumber,                                                          
from blissful ignorance                                                        
From a world of perfection                                                     
- a world unreal                                                               
Waking up in emptiness                                                         
Not knowing where to start                                                     
Fragmented mind                                                                
Not knowing where to go                                                        
Tormented hands                                                                
Not knowing where to cling to                                                  
Searching for someone to point the direction                                   
Searching for something to show the way                                        
Murderous confusion                                                            
Broke the illusion                                                             
Shattered thoughts on their endless journey                                    
Lead astray by the world of deception                                          
Never to achieve their goal                                                    
Nor to find their way back home                                                
Falling to slumber,                                                            
to blissful ignorance                                                          
to a world of perfection                                                       
- a world unreal
The void                                                                       
Music for the darkest hours                                                    
Composed by Nightrealm                                                         
For Tracked Aggression 8 -musicdisk                                            
Guitar treatments by sir Buried                                                
This song used to have a lot more ambient stuff                                
but at the last minute I decided to replace most of it with                    
good ol' funeral doom. The first half of the song is possibly                  
the slowest stuff I've ever made.. which is nice.                              
They dance before me, the flames                                               
The words and silence                                                          
Pulls them into the void                                                       
A newborn christ                                                               
In a heaven crumbling down                                                     
Further down and into                                                          
The river of light                                                             
Carry them all                                                                 
Carry them all in your womb                                                    
And forgive us                                                                 
Forgive us for our blindness

| T R A C K E D   A G G R E S S I O N   8:   T O   B E   E L I T E |
| ---------------------------------------------------------------- |
|          A Tracked Metal Music Project By: FrizzleFried          |
|	            Graphical Front End By: Gorjr                  |

1.  Shadows Over Transylvania * Cthulhu & BuriED	1,632K	4:18
2.  Dream About Death		Collapsed		1,861K	4:34
3.  Seeds Of Sickness		Helltormentor & FrizFry	1,804K	2:52
4.  Sinister Agent Of Satan	Cadaver			1,377K	3:22
5.  In The Grip Of Winter	Inferno_45		  712K	6:12
6.  Sex				Hurt			  663K	4:04
7.  The Ripper # 		Barfington		1,445K	2:47
8.  Xilqa Xilqa Besa Besa	Invisuu			1,130K	5:50
9.  To Be Elite			DND & Cadaver		1,165K 	3:22
10. Awakening			BuriED			4,506K	4:39
11. The Void			Nightrealm		3,403K	9:35
				TOTALS		       19,698K 51:35

|(*) = Originally By Dark Funeral  (#) = Originally By Judas Priest|
| Visit WWW.TRACKEDAGGRESSION.COM for more kickass tracked metal!! |                     |

                      Shadows Over Transylvania
 Tracked By: Cthulhu				  Vocals By: BuriED
                     Originally By: Dark Funeral
 I decided on this  song to  lead this project  because of a number
 of different reasons.  First off,  the intro is fitting & helps to
 start the project off.  Secondly,  the song is very  powerful with
 kickass  vocals & overall  I enjoy the song alot.   The only thing 
 that kept it from consideration for  the project title is the fact
 that it is a coversong...Aside from the vocals,  I especially like
 the rolling  guitarwork and the bassdrum sample used in this song.
 The fact that  it is a cover  does not mean much to me considering
 I have never  heard the original bands music.   From the sounds of  
 of this song,  it is a shame I have never  been exposed to them as
 I would probably become a fan. Definately a good tune here.


                          Dream About Death

 Tracked By: Collapsed

 This is one of two "lighter" songs that made the cut.  By no means
 a pussy tune,  it doesn't have the grinding  edge that most of the
 other tunes...which isn't necessarily a bad thing.   What is a bad
 thing is this tunes lack of a vocal track.   This song screams out
 "GIVE ME A VOICE".   Very powermetal/hard rock sounding  with some
 pretty impressive full sample riffs and solos,  this tune is a bit
 catchy at times and a bit boring at others.  Once again, I go back
 to the whole "this tune needs a voice" thing...vocals woudl really
 help out during the boring times musically.   The samples,   while
 pretty damn good,  do have  a distinct FUZZ sound to  them that is
 probably created because of a lower bitrate used during sampling??
 It is nowhere near annoying,  but noticable none the less.  I will
 be honest and say that this tune BARELY made the cut,  but it made
 it...and that's all that counts! Very good tune overall Collapsed.


                         Seeds Of Sickness

 Tracked By: Helltormentor  		    Vocals By: FrizzleFried

 While I did  the lyrics and vocaltrack on this tune,   I can still
 review it with  some objectivity.....especially considering that I    
 tend to be overly critical of my own work.  Helltormentor sent in
 this tune  without vocals as his TA8 submission.   I kind of liked
 liked the song,  but felt that it wasn't complete without vocals..
 so I offered HT  to write the lyrics and do the vocals.    I think
 I did a decent  job on  the  vocals,  though toward the end of the   
 song I started to get  quite horse and it is quite evident.  I was
 going to  re-sample the vocals,  but got  too damn busy with  XMAS
 and the New Year,  and well...I think  these add a bit of charm to
 the song.  I screamed my ass off...

		       Sinister Agent Of Satan
 Tracked By: Cadaver				 Vocals By: Cadaver

 This  is some  kickass garage  shit!   I love the overly distorted
 guitars  and the vocals are very fitting.    I find myself humming
 this tune at work..   The overall production is kickass ..with the
 "grunge/gind/garage/lofi" sound  of the guitars intended. The bass
 in this tune is  subtle but kickass.   The twang is there,  but it
 takes a  few listens to really place it.   Overall, this song came
 DAMN close  to having  the project  name...I even  created a cover
 with "Sinister Agent Of Satan" as the  project name.  I changed my
 mind a couple days later....I just  couldn't get DND's tune out of
 my mind...sorry.  


                        In The Grip Of Winter

 Tracked By: Inferno_45			      Vocals By: Inferno_45

 The  accoustic intro to this tune is pretty good....and has a very
 good sound.    When the  guitar  and percussions come in,  you can
 tell this is going  to be a quality  tune.   The  overall sound is
 excellent,  and I  particularly  liked the addition of the violin.
 The  guitarsound isn't bad at all,  and the  accoustic samples are
 excellent. The  orchistral (is that a word?) samples are also very
 good. The middle of  the tune is nice when the accoustic,  violin,
 and distortion  guitars are all working.  Excellent. However, When
 the song speeds up toward  the end, t doesn't come off that great,
 and the  solo is short and fuzzy....I did like how the songs ends.
 Overall the song is very good.



 Tracked By: Hurt

 First  thing I want to say is...give this song a chance.    Try to
 ignore the god aweful beginning  of this song.    Once the guitars
 the guitars kick in gets much better.    I almost cut
 this tune just because of  the intro.  The guitar work in the rest
 of the  tune is quit skilled.  The samples are good...though there
 is a  distinct "tin"  sound....too low of a  bitrate  is my guess.
 While this  song  would benefit from  a vocal track,  I think also 
 holds it's own as an instrumental.   It  does get a bit repetitive
 in one or two spots,  but overall,  not  that bad.   A good song &
 worthy of being here.


 			      The Ripper
 Tracked By: Barfington			      Vocals By: Barfington
                     Originally By: Judas Priest

 I will be 100% honest  with you.  The first time I heard this tune
 I cringed when I heard  the first part...then when the guitars got
 going and  Barf got the flow...I started to enjoy the song.    The
 more I listen to the  song...the more I am liking the beginning of
 the song (though it is still alittle  weak IMHO).  That said...any
 person in the  scene who has  the balls to attempt a  Judas Priest
 tune  vocally diserves to be included.  I really do like the vocal
 work...but I feel Barf's restricted.  By  that I mean he's are not
 just letting go and SINGING the  it some "UMPHFF" if
 you know what I mean.  He has  got to just go balls out.   He held
 back a little.  The guitar  work is servicable,  though it is very
 low in volume.  As a  matter of fact....the entire song is  either
 sampled or  mixed very low volume.  I dunno.  This song is a great
 attempt at covering Judas  Priest and Rob Halford.


 			Xilqa Xilqa Besa Besa

 Tracked By: Invisuu				 Vocals By: Invisuu

 Evidently  this  songs lyrics  are some sort  of protection  spell
 pulled from the  pages of the Necronomicon...the vocals  are very 
 evil sounding  and are mixed just a tad too loud....though somehow
 it fits this tune.  There are some  damn brutal riffs in this tune
 as well  as some  pretty  nice sounding synth that flows  with the
 guitars.  The vocals for  the most part  are higher  pitched growl
 and are done well.  The accordian at the  ending was a nice touch.
 Mixing was decent,  though the  vocals are a tad too loud,  and at
 times  the guitars are  a bit too quiet.   After listening to this
 song numerous times,  I have grown to REALLY like this song...even
 the too loud vocals seem more fitting and better mixed.

                             To Be Elite

 Tracked By: DND                                 Vocals By: Cadaver                            

 It was not really  because of best "sound" that  I gave DND's song
 the honorary project really  wasn't  because of any one
 thing really.  Sure...there  are better sounding guitar samples on
 this project...and yes, there are  more technical songs...and I am
 certain  some won't agree with my decision....but I just could not
 get this song out  of my head for like 3 or 4 days straight.  It's
 not just Cadavers excellent  growl's not because of the
 slightly  over-volume main  riff synth.   It't  just that I really  
 the damn song.  That being  said,  I  must say that even  though I
 can't  put my  finger  on it,  I hear voices in the  music of this  an errant sample,  but  DND  assures me there is none
 there.   No biggie,  it actually ads to the song for me.



 Tracked By: Buried                               Vocals By: Buried

 The production  value of this song is excellent,  as expected from
 BuriED.   This is a very nice  tune  that spans a couple different 
 genres..including  death,  rock,  even a little bit of doom.   The
 solo work is is the song in  general.  BuriEDs growls
 are kickass as well.  This  was another  finalist  for the project
 name.  Very  good job BuriED!   Better than a lot  of stuidio work 
 I've heard!  My only bitch is the size.  The  original version you
 sent me was obscenely large (7.5megs mo3!)....& even  this version
 is still quite large...but I guess thats the price for quality??


                              The Void

 Tracked By: Nightrealm                       Vocals By: Nightrealm

 Yet another  killer DOOM tune from the DOOMMASTER himself! At just
 a bit over 10 minutes,  this is  the  longest song of the project.
 This is NOT a bad thing.   The  guitar  samples used are just damn
 KICKASS.  The orchistaral samples  are superb!   Nightrealm really
 knows his  stuff when it  comes  to this genre and  it shows.  NRs
 growls are probably the best of the project, IMHO.  EXCELLENT!  If
 I had to bitch about  something it would be that the  first couple
 of minutes  are a slight bit  too slow for my  tastes...but that's
 what the genres all about.  ..and as  a side note...this tune  was
 also in the running for project name.  

 Greetz go out to all the oldskoolerz among us.    You know who you
 are.    Greetings to the crew at #metalscene...etc.  Not much else
 to say.    Once again I have to thank my wife Lisa...cause without
 her under understanding,  these projects would not be possible.

 This time it was very difficult for me to choose best song to name
 the project.     Bottom line was that there were 3 or 4 songs that
 stood was a coversong and I decided that I did not want
 to name the project after a cover...BuriEDs tune,  Cadavers tune &
 DND's tune were left...I actually made a cover with Sinister Agent
 Of Satan as project name...then decided to go with DND's song.....
 basically it came down not to "sound" Cadaver's and BuriED's
 songs are better mixed/realistic came down to
 to the "HUMM FACTOR".    What I mean is,  I caught myself not only
 once...but a number of times HUMMING the riff from "To Be Elite".

 		 					   - Friz


 Hail to the almighty FrizzleFried for another TA disk (sorry it
 too so long this time).  :)

	  						   - Gorjr

   (c)Copyright 2003 MangleBrain Productions | FrizzleFried Ltd.
                      Released January 2003