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S.C.E.P.T.R.E BlackOps: Retaliation

1. Retaliation               (0:35)
2. S.C.E.P.T.R.E             (1:16)
3. True Agent Metal          (2:01)
4. Black Ops                 (1:59)

Composed & performed in two days by the propaganda
division of S.C.E.P.T.R.E BlackOps. This is our
declaration of war against the weak Agents of Metal
and all pathetic causes they stand for!


Who are we?
- The Sectarian Chosen Elite!
What is our privilege?
- To Rule And Exterminate!
Who are our enemies?
- The Agents of Metal!
What have they done?
- They have disgraced us!
What must we do?
- Retaliate! Kill, kill, kill, kill!


We are elite
We strike in the night
See flash of steel
No chance to fight

  Sectarian Chosen Elite
  Privileged To Rule &

We take survivors
To torture caves
Even if you live
You'll never be the same

Weak Agents of Metal can
kiss our ass 'cos they
will never achieve what
we are!

True Agent Metal

Would the voice of the torture expert
Be high and wimpy
As he lets the voltage rise again?
Would the sound of assault rifles
Be weak, so powerless
As is the sound of your guitars?

You have disgraced the name of metal
And you will pay
S.C.E.P.T.R.E BlackOps will forever triumph
And show the way

  True Agent Metal - low and evil
  not high and wimpy
  True Agent Metal - thick soundwall
  like the Iron Curtain

Black Ops

Termination, mutilation
Information extraction
Desecration, denigration
Of the weak agencies

Warfare in secret or in public
Assasination in the dark or
in broad daylight!

  Black Ops
  Black Ops - come for you

Infiltration, corruption
They'll never know what hit them
Elimination, eradication
Of the weak agencies

Sadistic operations 'cross the world
Sacrificial suicide bombings
for our cause!

We are not afraid to push the button!