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  • Bass.dll 95.05K
  • Ijl15.dll 364.00K
  • Msx/ dir
  • Msx/01.ogg 3.16M
  • Msx/02.xm 561.20K
  • Msx/03.mp3 5.31M
  • Msx/04.xm 2.07M
  • Msx/05.xm 40.56K
  • Msx/06.ogg 5.89M
  • Msx/07.ogg 6.39M
  • Msx/08.ogg 6.59M
  • Msx/09.ogg 5.64M
  • Msx/ 85.07K
  • recover.cfg 5.27K
  • recover.dat 5.41M
  • recover.dll 104.00K
  • recover.exe 148.00K
  • recover_eng.nfo 789B
  • recover_pl.nfo 842B


	a c e m a n , c a c t o o s, c a r m a z i n e
	     s h y z , v e e r o o s , x t e n s e    

                     proudly presents 


	Two years  have  passed  since  idea  to  it's
	realization... During the time of making, disk
	has gained two versions of graphic design, and
 	we think that  it  should  be  treated only in
	positive aspects.

	You'll find in it 10 well known tunes,  in new
	and original arrangement.  Graphics (by Arux &
	Slizgi) and music works,  plays  and  twinkles
	together thanks to Pienia.

                                           Have fun!

			            polish scene musicians
					..2006 product