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          c h r i s t m a s 
              c h i p s 


          n o i s e l e s s

        christmas update v1.1

 here you are fixed "Christmas Chips" from Noiseless (release 1.1).

 to make it working just replace old installation files
 with new "nsl-xmas.exe" and "nslintro.dll" from this
 archieve. enjoy!

 what new in this version 1.1?
 1) some bugfixes and patches added here and there
 2) a bit better directx error handling
 3) you can use "/nointro" switch in application commandline
    to skip intro (it may sometimes help running the program,
    due to *very strange* ddraw mode switching)
 4) "better pixel-ratio"(640x480) mode for menu selector;	
    (ati mach users should be happy:)

 if you will still have troubles or get strange error messages while
 running this, please give a shout to email below
 (please include your hardware confinguration(cpu,gfxcard,soundcard,win version)
  and *exactly* describe what happens);

 _DON'T_ send me any bug reports if one of following happens:

 1) you use OVERCLOCKED cpu (especially slot1 celerons family)
    (note: sometimes it's better to switch L2 cache off
     and try to run the program; effect not guaranted, but it may help.)

 2) your gfx card is TWEAKED or OVERCLOCKED (hi riva-tnt/2's fans!)

 if you use above tricks to gain better overall system performance,
 do it at own risk and be prepared for strange problems during
 using such a configuration. 


 thing we have forgotten in first "readme.txt" is a list
 of active keys in the chipmodule selector;

 here they are:

 leftmouse,rightmouse,enter,space	-	menu select
 mouse up/down, up/down arrow		-	menu move
 left/right arrow			-	alter scroll speed
 l					-	"longplay" mode on/off
 esc,e,x				-	quit
 and some "hidden" ones for debug/hidden features (happy looking for:))




Original "readme.txt" from v1.0 begins here:

          c h r i s t m a s 
              c h i p s 


          n o i s e l e s s

           merry chipmas!

 a chiptune compilation for windows 9x
         released on the ...

        18th of december 1999

         let sid live 4ever!

  concept idea ... boo
  code ........... subagazi
  artwork/design . boo & optic
  3d scenes ...... boo & orome
  music .......... jogeir liljedahl 



 celeron333, 16mb FREE(or more :) ram after loading windows,
 gfx card with 320x200/640x480 hi-color or true-color modes,
 16bit audio card, directx 6+, mouse, keyboard, good sense of humour
 and (at least) one healthy ear, one non-spoilt eye and one good hand
 in the case you have very _little_ ram it's recommended to
 shut down other applications while running this program
 (have you ever heard that before?), otherwise strange things may
 appear!  (...)

 DLL libraries utilized:
 "bass" by Ian Luck 
 "ptc"  by Glenn "Gaffer" Fiedler 
 "hermes" by Christian Nentwich, Mikko Tiihonen, Glenn Fiedler and others.

 contact us: (boo) (jogeir liljedahl)