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                           ³ ³ ÃÄ´ ÚÄÅÄ´   ³ ³ ³ ³                             
                           ³ ³ ³ ³ À ³ ô ô   ³ ÀÄ¿                           
                        ³ ³ ³ ³ ³ ³ ³ ³ ³ ³ ÃÄ´   ³ ÄÄ´                        
³                      ºÀÄÄÄÙÀÄÙÀÄÁÄÁÄÁÄÁÁÄÁÁÄÙÀÄÙÀÄÄÄÙº                      Û
º                      ÀÍÄÄÍÍÄÄÍÍÍÄÄÍÍÍÍÍÍÍÄÄÍÍÍÄÄÍÍÄÄÍÙ                      ß
ÚÙ                                                                            .
À¿  	   ......: Dissonantunes 2oo1
ÚÙ       ........: Musicdisk by Mephizto / Digital Dynamite, 2oo1
ÚÙ             .oO music & gfx: Mephizto / Digital Dynamite Oo.
ÚÙ                  .oO code:  Gargaj / Umlaut Design  Oo.
 --=This whole musicdisk contains tunes mostly inspired by depression.
  Most of these songs were written in a hurry, coz anytime my life
  took a 180-degrees turn somehow, I tried to compose a music about my 
  inner feelings. So I think most of the people won't like these
  tunes, but anyway, if someone's in the mood like I was in the 
  recent times... well, probably he/she will understand the message... 

...: 01 - Love me or Hate me - 1:48 :...

---=== This song was composed on a saturday night, inspired by 
solitude. Its technical level is equal to none, but not by coincidence...
As Nagz said: "Wow, there's not even a volume slide in this!"
Why? See for yourself... The bass stops at the end without fading 
out, leaving a great emptiness behind itself... as it was in me, 
when I composed this short song. ===---

...: 02 - Fall in love with your deep dark sin - 2:32 :...

---=== I wrote this one on a sunday dawn, after I had to stay home, 
instead of going to a cool jazz 'n' bass party with the most wonderful 
girl I ever knew... I was very frustrated, I missed her very much. After
four hours of suffering, I loaded the tracker and composed the song. 
Still miss her very-very much... ===---

...: 03 - Deathwish - 2:25 :...

---=== Well... This was the worst day of my life (until now)... 
Please take this tune serious. When I composed this one, I was 
hovering in half-coma under the effect of 5-6 sedatives and alcohol... 
I'm tired of life... So I think this song really comes from inside. 
Although it's terrible, I like it. ===---

...: 04 - Crying your tears - 2:29 :...

---=== This tune was fully inspired by Her. Solitude ruled my life again. 
This one is not so hard to listen like Deathwish, so maybe you can 
survive this 2m 29s... I won't comment the song any more, perhaps it 
'tells you' something. Or maybe not, nevermind then... Beware, it's full of
false notes, but don't forget that you're listening to dissonantunes...
(anyway, it's a piece o' crap) ===---

...: 05 - You worth the sacrifice.... - 2:45 :...

---=== That's true... I think the title tells you everything. ===---


Mephizto -
Gargaj -

You can also find me on IRC on #demoscene channel...

greets fly to: 

...the DD family - gargaj & the rest of UD (thx for the coding part) - nagz (keep up the good work, mekka-god! ;))
nikon - dfj - krokko - gekko - ebola - LloydD - leaderc - hp - tomcat - charlie - pota - pontscho and all the 
hungarian sceners I forgot :) - reed - strad...

Mephizto of Digital Dynamite, Hungary, 2oo1

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