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2002-06-14 23:02:44
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  • bass.dll 112.05K
  • Megahawks.exe 46.00K
  • megahawks.txt 1.68K
  • mods/ dir
  • mods/BEACH.MOD 80.28K
  • mods/DISCO.MOD 70.44K
  • mods/drgnsf2.mod 81.18K
  • mods/HOSTEEL.MOD 58.40K
  • mods/LAMBYADA.MOD 63.91K
  • mods/MUSCLE.MOD 63.28K
  • mods/ROBOTIC.MOD 43.61K
  • mods/TGIGOLOS.MOD 143.01K
  • mods/THINGSOK.MOD 54.79K
  • mods/WOMEN.MOD 39.26K


This musicdisk is a conversion of our
Megahawks Inc musicdisk 1 back from 1989

We were active on the amiga back in 1988-1989.
Our productions weren't well spread,
so not many people saw them.

The original sources dont exist anymore
and I've lost the musicdisk too, but luckily
dr.vector had all modules and graphics stored.

composing credits:

1.beachparty 89 - dr.vector
2.things are o.k. - copycrazy
3.muscleman - copyman
4.robotic muscle - dr.vector
5.lambada robat - mc coolbeat
6.dragon's flight - copyman gigolos - dr.vector
8.on the disco with no girl - mc coolbeat of steel - pizza
10.women of my dream - dr.vector

Good pieces of music, even if a bit outdated!

Special thanks to my coder friend (and a groupmate!)
Space Operator for helping me out with my 
code. I hadn't been coding anything in 12 years.

I found a textfile from 1989, with our members
listed. I dont know what most of these guys are
doing these days. Contact me if you read this!

megahawks inc members 1989:

brave - music
copycrazy - music
copyman -
dj motorhawk - music
dragonmaster - gfx.swap
dr.skeletor - music
dr.vector - music.gfx.swap.organizer
dr.vaseline -
hotbeat - music
iceknight - gfx
kopperking - code
leatherwolf - music
mc coolbeat - music
mr coolbeat - music
mr someone - code
musculman - code.gfx
pizza -
rotor - crack
skeletor x - music
skijumper -
space operator - code
top cat - gfx
top gun - music
visual snake - gfx
werewolf fred (w.w.f.) - gfx
RIP: music chap - music

We will soon put up a homepage with all 
our releases we can find. 

 - Pizza/Megahawks 
    june 2002