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a tapestry of time

you   are  looking   at  the   collection   of   my
favourite tunes  from  ZX SPECTRUM and ATARI games.
While writting these pieces at  FT  I tried to gain
maximum  similarity  to  the  originals.  I did not
manage to add  to this collection other great tunes
from Chronos, Vindicator,Robocop, Bionic Commandos,
Thundercats and Brat Attack (games at ZX SPECTRUM).
Maybe in  the future,  there  will be next issue of
this project.
                  graff/ttk/vr (

I would also like to greet and give honors all the
authors of the original tunes:

Batman - Matthew Cannon (1989)
Cybernoid 1 - Dave Rogers (1989)
Cybernoid 2 - Dave Rogers (1989)
Dalley Thompson's Olympic Challenge - unknown
Led Storm (music 2) - Timothy Follin (1988)
Led Storm (music 3) - Timothy Follin (1988)
Skate Crazy 2 - unknown (1988)
Typhoon - unknown

Black Lamp (intro) - Richard Munns
Black Lamp (ingame) - Richard Munns
Draconus (music 1) - Adam Gilmore (1988)
Draconus (music 2) - Adam Gilmore (1988)
Jet Set Willy - Rob Hubbard
Warhawk - Rob Hubbard (1988)
Zybex - Adam Gilmore (1988)
buttons: info, change audio device, loop song/all,
         pause/play, minimalize, exit.