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 - Future Crew Tribute Disk 2 -

(not to be confused with, which is merely part 2 of the first
FC Tribute disk - blast whoever split it up! :) This volume was released
in 1997.  It's recommended that if you have a split version of the first
volume, that you combine them into to avoid confusion.)

     - Table of Contents -

Title                        Original Composer       Remixed By
-----                        -----------------       ----------
SSI Intro                    Purple Motion (PM)      Zapper & Floss
Panic Soundtrack             PM                      Elemental
Purple Sky 2                 PM                      DNA-Groove
Why Can't You Remember Me?   Marvel                  Liam the Lemming
World Of Plastic             PM                      Rage
Skyrider                     PM                      Zauron
Medley                       PM                      Floss
When The Heavens Fall        PM                      MickRippon