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2005-07-11 23:31:28
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beepdealers chipdisk 1.

tadaa! beepdealers first chipdisk is finally completed.
thanks to everyone involved and to our patient friends,
we löve jo!

tunes by: datachild
          vhiiula/analogik (guest!)

code by:  JvA/ENFUSiA
anims by: datachild

we salute the following people:
dawning, fyllecell, lucid dreaming, nuclear dawn, 
rebels, s3k7lünch, even, #trax, #cyberpunk,
#emu-sweden, cKolon, luxur, fms, galm.

JvA says hi to:
Stina, Thi3f, Pacman, Cactuz, Xfade, Hawre, Satan,
Gay-Carl, Sea-you, BaND, Dvs, SpeY, Phant0m, WackoGod,
AnnaPanna, Dr|ftWood, Androgen, Speed, Kimusan, Goofy,
Kilmer, Shoshine, Sc0rp, straw, woLv, SaMaN, CaWi,
Yggjag, Maktone, Qrok, Lik.sys, Lithis, ^lancer^, 
Stockholmarn, Malmen and all members of Beepdealers.
(And of course everyone I forgot...)

see you in our next beepdealers prod.
visit us at: