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2019-12-11 01:16:31
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  • martian.diz 680B
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 Title...: A Martian Song
 Artist..: Andreas 'melcom' Urban

 Size....: 14,518,383 bytes
 Length..: 5:28
 Format..: Impulse Tracker (Schism)
 Channels: 26

 Date....: 03-Dec-2019

 e-Mail..: melcom(at)
 ICQ.....: #2358145
 Info....: Hello World o/
           This track was composed in Schism Tracker.
           Samples trimmed / compressed and last saved in OpenMPT.
           Contact me if you want the uncompressed version of this track.
           Many thanks to Saga Musix, Virgill, Edmundo Olanu & Heike H. for their feedback :)
           Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!