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lackluster 07.05.2005, lyon, france, 
00:00  untitled (unreleased)
06:35  11/11/99 (lackluster: showcase CD (merck015cd))
13:32  aatu  (unreleased)
19:07  starcell u.k. (lackluster: container CD (foc350cd))
28:20  MEDLEY  in passing (lackluster: wrapping CD (foc369cd))
       MEDLEY  close enough (lackluster: wrapping CD (foc369cd))
       MEDLEY  catch22 (lackluster: container CD (foc350cd))
43:20  14/07/02 (lackluster: slice CD (ucover024cd))
48:50  tumbling around (lackluster: slice CD (ucover024cd))
53:10  proem: standard.naming.convention (lackluster 80bpmmx) (lackluster: remixselection_one CD (psy012))
57:30  manta: sitting pretty (lacklustermx) (lackluster: remixselection_one CD (psy012))
63:25  01/12/03 (unreleased) 
68:58  easy does it (unreleased)

unfortunately recording was cut before the encore (which would've been "yoggi").
the whole gig was filmed, if i get it, i'll make it available.