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2005-11-12 23:37:32
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lackluster live@lab30,04/november/2005

000:00 non-track [unreleased]
004:26 wind-up (07/12/03) [unreleased]
013:25 11/11/99   (lackluster: showcase (merck015cd))
020:21 in passing (lackluster: wrapping (foc369cd))
medley catch22 (lackluster: container (foc350cd))
medley close enough (lackluster: wrapping (foc369cd))
031:05 starcell u.k. (lackluster: container (foc350cd))
040:16 20333 (lackluster: container (foc350cd))
046:38 l.a.kluster290902mx  - unreleased
050:59 plastic1  (lackluster: slice (ucover024cd))
056:47 BKT (lackluster: what you want isn't what you need (nspk008cd))
062:25 iniquity (lackluster: slice (ucover024cd))
medley sticky [unreleased]
070:02 manta - sitting pretty (lacklustermx) (lackluster: remixselection_one (psy012cd))
076:25 run [unreleased]
079:49 easy does it (13/08/04) [unreleased]
084:00 kelis: get along with you (lackluster twist) [unreleased]
089:45 onecycle [unreleased]
094:08 aatu [unreleased]
097:52 medley of acid1/acid2/grooveboxloops [unreleased]

yeah its 80kbps. someone's iRiver bugged up and instead of .wav, we got a 80kbps due to 
said piece of equipment being buggy for no real reason. try&survive.

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