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                        Scene Archives Search Utility

                        Written By: Tony Hasselbacher

    Welcome to "Scene Archives Search Utility" (now refered to as SASU).. 

What is SASU?

    Well, basically, SASU will help you to locate any item that you are after.
Simply  type  in  a  keyword  (ie,  a Demo Name, or Group Name, or even a Disk
Number!),  and  the  program  will  search  and  find any relating data.  Then
double-click  on  the required item, and if you have any of The Scene Archives
handy, it'll try to find the file you are after, and you'll be able to extract
that  item to disk (if it is a DMS), or else to a directory on your Hard Drive
(if it is a LZX file).  There is also some information on the demo presented.


    I  recommend that you should just copy SASU to a directory on your HD.  So
then  it  is  easily  accessable.   Just  copy  these  files  to  your HD on a


    Also  you  might  have  to  install  the new version of NList.mcc, as this
program  was written for v0.85.  It is included on this CD.  Also this program
was written under MUI v3.8.


    There are 2 Search Options, and they Are:-

        Search Criteria: What field do you want to search under ? 
                            - Demo Name  = Searchs only for the Name.
                            - Group Name = Searchs only for that Groups Prods.
                            - Disk Num.  = See What is on a Specific Disk.
                            - All        = Search for all of the Above

        Search Options:  What type of Sort?
                            - Full       = Will search for ever occurence of
                                           the specified Keyword.
                            - Simple     = This just looks for the Keyword 

    SASU  will  be regularily updated.  All the updates will appear on Aminet.
Just search for "SASU", and you'll find it..

What are the Scene Archives?

    The  Scene  Archives  is  a massive collection of Amiga Scene Productions,
currently it spans seven CD's, with 1000 disks on each CD..  So basically 7000
disks  are  currently in the Set.  I hope to have The Scene Archives #8 out by
Early 1999.  And number 9, later next year :) ..

    If   you   want   to   get   the  Scene  Archives,  please  E-Mail  me  at  Or visit the WWW page at ..
    Or alternatively, you can write to me at :-

            Tony Hasselbacher
            96 Robinson Road
            Morley  WA  6062

    I wish to thank HY Wong, for he's great testing.
    Also To Gilles Masson, for he's great help with getting NList to work :)

    The Scene Archives is © 1995 to 1998, Tony Hasselbacher
    SASU is © 1998, by Tony Hasselbacher
    This uses NList.mcc © 1996 to 1998 by Gilles Masson

SASU History
        - Initial Release
        - Has initial database of 10974 Entries