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                              The Scene Archives

                                  Volume #7

    I  welcome  ye  to  "The  Scene  Archives - Volume #7", encompassing disks
#6001 to #7000.

    Well, now, The Scene Archives has now a cool little tool that makes The
Scene Archives a lot easier to easier to use :) .. Just read the docs on
"Scene Archives Search Utility (SASU)", for more information about it.  This
program can be used on previous Volumes of The Scene Archives :)

    This issue, I was lucky to actually get the 1000 disks onto the CD.  Why
??  Well, basically, since everything these days is so big, the problem was
space, and the only way that I could get everything to fit was to crunch
everything down.. This included pictures, and photos and things.  When you
look at the CD, you may notice that the some Party Pictures that the archives
are (sometimes) a few disks short.. This is because the picture were all
converted to 80% JPeg, and optimized.  Or else GIF.. By doing this, it was the
only (real) way that I could get all the stuff on this CD..

    Also, don't forget to get the other awesome CD, "The Best of The Scene
Archives, Volume #1", which is distributed thru APC&TCP.

    I hope to have Volume #8, ready by early 1999, and then, volume #9 at the
end of 1999. (In Theory).

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy this Volume, and all the previous Issues as well.

    Imagine how many like of code, and hours worked on the pictures and music,
to make all of these 7000 disks worth of stuff !!  ..  Too much to dream of !!

    This CD is designed to work from a Directory Tool, like Directory Opus. Or
else, you can use the SASU utility that is on the CD...

    Ok, now the credits:-

        All disks collected by:- Tony Hasselbacher
        CD design and Made by:-  Tony Hasselbacher
        SASU is written by:-     Tony Hasselbacher

    Some  people might be confused as with the terminology that I have used in
compiling  the  disks.   Here  is  a  preview  overview as to what I'm talking

        Animation - This is an animation (??)
        Demo Packs - These are a collection of various items, which is on one
                     disk, with a spiffy menu.  Some people really hate these
                     demo packs, but I think that they are very important as
                     they sometimes have nice small productions on it.
        Dentro/Demo - I count this as a production which is in one file and
                      this also contains BBS Intros.  
        Digis:- This is just digitized samples
        Intro - These are usually small, one part productions.
        Magazine - A digital magazine (wow!)
        Menus - These are just menus that are used for demo packs
        Miscellaneous - Things that don't fit elsewhere
        Music Demos - Productions with music as the main feature
        Slideshows - Productions with graphics as the main feature
        Trackmo - This is a really large demo that has usally a lot of really
                  cool effects.. I class them different to Dentros/Demo in
                  that they are either multi-file, or bigger then 880k in size.

    For  ordering  previous/future  issues  of The Scene Archives, please send
$15US per volume to :-

            96 Robinson Road 
            Morley  WA  6062
    Don't  forget to look in the previous_issues/ directory for the index's of
the previous issues.