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\I[Another Gallery?|By Frame|Section: End Words]
\F2\4\MDo We Need Another Gallery?
After the article in No Sense issue 1 about a gallery, people have told me that it's a very good idea. I started to plan and draw the graphics and I took some interesting photos too. Then ShowTime issue 2 got released including a gallery. I was surprised of its quality. Before loading it, I thought it was going to be another lesson of how Italian and Polish people look like. I was obviously wrong. The fact is that the gallery in ShowTime was very interesting including photos of many known sceners all over the world. Then what? Do we need another gallery? 

If you would like to support us with interesting photos (not only pictures of yourself, that is), send us a letter and tell us the situation. Who knows, maybe you have a fresh collection of interesting photos just lying there? Don't hesitate to contact No Sense! We are open for everything!