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\I[German Scene - A Tragedy|By Gfx-Twins/Essence and Scoopex|Section: Contradictions and Reactions]

\F2\4\MGerman Scene
\M- A Tragedy

\3This article shall present the German scene as it actually is and as it was. There won't be any conclusion mentioned to the theme above. This article should simply make German geezers think about the situation in Germany. 

\2The topic we want to write about today, is the separation of the German scene. To come to the real problem let's first shift back to the past. In the past, we had groups like Sanity, TRSI and a lot more. These groups, equal to their quality or quantity, were sticking together. When you saw a German production, you saw a lot of greetings to German geezers. Okay, these were the times of great names like Wayne Mendosa and Romeo Knight. Well, the problem we want to talk about is the present. Where is the friendship today? We came back this year to join the world of fun again, but our first reaction was a shock! The first production we got after our comeback was a mag called "Seenpoint".  Well, we are no opponents to sarcasm, but this mag goes a little too far, when it claims people to be gay (e.g. Mop & Touchstone). These people from the "Seenpoint" mag do not know these guys and they talk crap.

There are other examples of facts implying that the German scene is just a bunch of people fighting each other. Our comeback was not that far ago, but we heard more prejudices than we heard in our past scene life. We heard things like: 

\1ARTWORK\3 is simply consisting of lamers, except of FIVER, TRON and AZURE 

\1HAUJOBB\3 is just a bunch of drunken people 

\1ESSENCE\3 is inactive and will soon die, as will \1SANITY\2  

\1SCOOPEX\3 hates Artwork and Essence 

\1SARDONYX\3 releases SEENSPOT... or something... 

\1GODS\3 and Artwork are fighting each other... 
We do not want to give away any names, but these statements come from different groups. Is there really a struggle between all groups? Is the scene fun, when everybody talk crap about others? There are other scenes which have a wonderful friendship. Look at France, this is the best scene country that we've ever had, with a lot of productive geezers. We should try to be as cool and kind as they are and our scene can grow again. 

We don't want to fight someone, avoid to be arrogant and have fun, because fun is the only thing the scene has been build upon. The scene can not grow, when a beginner joins the scene and the only reaction he gets is arrogance. These people will recognize, that the scene is not the right way and they will leave. So there will be no beginners any more and the scene will die. Well, sorry for that fade away, but that's the problem. So, what can be done? It is simple. Throw away your arrogance and stop talking crap about others you don't know...