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\I[Opening Words|By Scout/C-Lous|Section: Coders Pool]
\F2\4\MScout's Opening Words
Welcome to this issue's Coder's Pool! It is a bit larger than than last time...

\2* The article on fractal sceneries demonstrates (theoretically) how fractals can be used to generate more realistic sceneries. 

* In the bumpmapping chapter, genaeration and usage of bumpmap is discussed. 

* An article has also been dedicated to Ham8. 

* Voxel landscapes are discussed quite a lot by coders. Here is an article which (I hope) will answer most questions. It covers almost everything between the simplest 2d ones to the full 3d versions. 
\F2\1\MNow a note on normal C2Ps
\F1\2The "merge-op" wich originally took 10 instructions/24 clock cycles is now down to 7i/18c! Using this improved technique, 1x1 3-pass c2p conversion is almost down to fast>chip copy speed on 030-50. 
Due to special circumstances I can not give away the technique here, but it will be released in a matter of months. (You will notice...) 

\3A big "thank you" must go to Touchstone and Azure. If it wasn't for them I would never even have tried optimizing the merge-op! 

\2\MFeel free to contact me:

\1\MMikael Kalms
\MVegagatan 22
\M802 86 Gävle


\F3\1Azure/Artwork, Confidence/Balance and Origo/C-Lous smilingly discussing c2ps at The Summer Party 1996.